April 2019

Top Hat

Building better relationships with WebTech

By Meagan Lettko April 24, 2019
There are a lot of committees on the Student Senate. It can be really hard to differentiate between committees or even remember that we have them if you are not familiar with how Student Government works.
Executive Board

$3,700 approved for Ultimate Frisbee Championship

By Harrison Todd April 24, 2019
In the last meeting of the 49th Executive Board, the hiring of a graduate assistant intern was approved, a new Student Government Communications Committee chairperson and a new Multicultural Leadership Council were appointed, and women’s Ultimate Frisbee requested a subsidy to compete in the USA Ultimate College Championships.
Committee Spotlight

Multicultural Leadership Council: a liaison for cultural clubs on campus

By Pragati Pant April 24, 2019
On a campus where the difference between the majority and the minority can feel quite evident, the Multicultural Leadership Council is proving to be an important resource for cultural clubs.
Letter To The Editor

Join the Arch Task Force Committee

By Peter Gramenides '20 April 24, 2019
Hello everyone! My name is Peter Gramenides and I am the new chairperson of the Arch Task Force Committee as well as the Interfraternity Council Greek senator.
On-Campus Event

Students march through campus during Take Back the Night

By Harrison Todd April 24, 2019
Chants condemning sexual assault could be heard across campus late on April 17 during Take Back the Night, a march in solidarity against violence of any kind.
Club Spotlight

Sitting down with the Idiots of Sheer Idiocy

By John Stotz April 24, 2019
After being introduced the hilarious improv of Sheer Idiocy during the Evening of Performance, I had the pleasure of going to three more amazing shows. During these, they play a variety of improv games ranging from creating rhymes using a word from the audience, to telling a brand new fairy tale from different perspectives.I sat down with Molly Kerwick, Max Carey, Dante Mancinelli, Leith Reardon, Billy Pedoto, Lucas Sheldon, Ciaran Young and Hannah LaTourette, and Connor Griffin to learn more about how they function as a club and how they manage to be so so funny.
Student Senate

Senate officers, Judicial Board appointments approved

By Madeline Wilson April 24, 2019
To complete the 50th Student Senate, members voted to approve Grand Marshal Meagan Lettko’s ’20 officer appointments, some of which created the non-voting membership of the Senate.
Staff Editorial

What we think prospective students should know

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board April 24, 2019
With National College Decision Day a week away, many prospective students are in the same position we were only a few years ago.
Editorial Notebook

Why I’m not an architect

By Harrison Todd April 24, 2019
When I applied to Rensselaer, I had every intention of becoming an architect. I took tours of the Greene Building and was enamored with their fabrication shop.
Student Activism

Climate action plan petition passes 250 signature threshold

By Brookelyn Parslow April 24, 2019
“THERE IS NO PLANET B!” was just one of the phrases written across the banner at the Student Sustainability Task Force’s four-hour demonstration on the ’86 Field on Monday.
Downtown Troy

Dinner party: a must-have RPI experience

By Pragati Pant and Brookelyn Parslow April 24, 2019

To start the celebration of Earth week, Design for America held a dinner party in partnership with the Student Sustainability Task Force on Saturday. This event was open to all community members, and yielded about 50 attendees, ranging from RPI students to families with small children.


Meet the new Multicultural Leadership Council

By Caitlin Kennedy April 24, 2019
This past week, the Multicultural Leadership Council came before the Executive Board for confirmation of its members.
Student Senate

Senate urges creation of new interfaith space

By Madeline Wilson April 22, 2019
The 50th Student Senate saw multiple visitors in its second meeting, including Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President Travis T.
Student Senate

Senate expresses support for Greek community

By Madeline Wilson April 22, 2019
The Interfraternity and Rensselaer Panhellenic councils held an open forum in the Darrin Communications Center on March 30.
Student Senate

Apgar presents new alcohol and drug policies to Senate

By Madeline Wilson April 22, 2019
In an email sent to the Rensselaer community on March 27, updates to the “Alcohol and Other Drugs Policies” in the Student Handbook of Rights and Responsibilities were announced to students.
Letter To The Editor

My concerns with Eastin, Muhammad’s email

By Stephen M. Platt '77 April 19, 2019
My wife and I are alums of Rensselaer, and are on the Rensselaer Alumni Association mailing list. I received an email from Vice President for Institute Advancement and Interim Executive Director of RAA Graig Eastin and RAA President Kareem Muhammad.
Student Activism

Save RPI Greek Life march cancelled

By Brookelyn Parslow April 18, 2019
Three days after its announcement, the March Against Deferred Recruitment was cancelled by “Save RPI Greek Life,” the anonymous organization that had planned the event.
Executive Board

Holocaust Remembrance Committee approved

By John Stotz April 18, 2019
During the penultimate meeting of the current Executive Board, the creation of two new clubs was overseen—including a Holocaust Remembrance Committee—and four people were approved for positions.
On-Campus Event

PAKSA’s Jashn: fun, friendly, nostalgic

By Varenya Gade April 17, 2019
Stepping into the Academy Hall auditorium at 6 pm on Saturday felt like being transported to South Asia.
Editorial Notebook

Being green in a blue world

By John Stotz April 17, 2019
I’ve only owned Android phones; and, ever since I got my first phone, my texts have appeared green on iPhones.
On-Campus Event

RPI Players enthralls, impresses with Sweeney Todd

By Namish Gali April 17, 2019
As much as I enjoyed the play RPI Players put on for An Evening of Performance, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street was unlike anything I saw from them so far.
Research Spotlight

Exploring 2D material structures for energy, transport properties

By Anahit Hovhannisyan April 17, 2019
Passionate about physics and computational methods, Professor and Head of the Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy Department Vincent Meunier works to optimize materials at their lowest level, playing with atomic structure to maximize their electronic properties on a quantum scale.

Your actions always define you

By Quinn Gangadharan April 17, 2019
The notion that you are not defined by your actions is absurd and goes against the natural instinct that we judge people by their character.
Club Spotlight

Club aims to make coding more accessible for local youth

By Pragati Pant April 17, 2019

In early 2017, Coding&&Community was founded on campus by a small group of students. This addition to the Rensselaer community serves to educate local youth about computer programming and problem solving. The goal is to bridge the gap between coding and different roadblocks a student may face, including gender, race, socioeconomic status, and more.


Destigmatizing opioid addiction will save lives

By Anchal Kanojia '21 April 17, 2019
Socially, the stigma against addiction is toxic. Often, people who seek help feel discriminated against and are treated as junkies or fiends.
Top Hat

Why an interfaith space is so important

By Meagan Lettko April 17, 2019
There are a lot of changes happening on our campus right now. Everyone is aware of the changes stemming from the Arch program and changes to the Greek community.
Editorial Notebook

Dreaming big in small ways

By Serge Piskun April 17, 2019
There are many things in my life that I’ve wanted to do, but haven’t ever gotten around to doing. I’ve always wanted to get a fixer-upper car, get a tattoo, take a spontaneous road trip, go skydiving, and a lot of other activities that sound like a blast in my mind but a bust when actually considered.

New Hearthstone symbolizes what makes our Union successful

By Caitlin Kennedy April 17, 2019
The Hearthstone Dedication Ceremony took place this past weekend. It was a wonderful event in which we were able to honor the unique student-staff partnership here at Rensselaer.
Club Spotlight

Behind the scenes with RPI Players

By Namish Gali April 12, 2019
I will admit that I’ve never been particularly interested in drama or theater, but after seeing RPI Players’ Evening of Performance, my interest was piqued.
Greek Life

Hundreds attend Greek life forum

By Harrison Todd and Madeline Wilson April 12, 2019
The Greek Life Open Forum held on March 20 in Darrin Communications Center 308 was presented as a space for students—Greek and non-affiliated alike—to ask questions to the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council concerning the Draft Report of the Greek Life Task Force and its impact on the Rensselaer community.

TeamRPI Overwatch wins local championship

By Avery Sommer April 10, 2019
During the weekend of March 30 and 31, TeamRPI Overwatch and RPI League of Legends competed in their first major tournament showing at The Hudson Valley Gamer Con.
Letter To The Editor

A student-run Union is in our past

By David Raab '19 April 10, 2019
At the beginning of March, representatives from the Division of Student Life told the director of the Union and the Union business administrator that in order for the Union budget to be considered by the Board of Trustees, changes were required.
Executive Board

$1,250 approved for BotFactory printer training in late May

By Quinn Gangadharan April 10, 2019
President of the Union Caitlin Kennedy ’19 chaired her first Executive Board meeting on Thursday.President of the Union Caitlin Kennedy ’20 chaired her first Executive Board meeting on Thursday.
Student Senate

Concerns about campus prayer spaces expressed to Senate

By Madeline Wilson April 10, 2019
During their first meeting, the 50th Student Senate appointed an interim vice grand marshal and created a new ad-hoc committee.
On-Campus Event

Winners announced, Russo reads at McKinney Writing Contest awards

By Jacob Kaplan April 10, 2019
The awards for the annual McKinney Writing Contest were given out on April 3 in a packed Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies auditorium.
Top Hat

We need to redefine the campus climate

By Meagan Lettko April 10, 2019
Why not change the world? This is the slogan that once greeted us all when we chose to visit, apply, or interact with Rensselaer during our college decision process.

Do you have a passion for our Union and the drive to make it better?

By Caitlin Kennedy April 10, 2019
Student government here at Rensselaer is unique. We, as students, have a great deal of power to govern ourselves and create an RPI experience that we can all enjoy.
Rensselaer Union

Administrators reject, request changes to Union budget

By Brookelyn Parslow April 5, 2019
For the first time in at least 49 years, the Institute rejected the student-proposed Union budget and did not submit it to the president and Board of Trustees for approval.
On-Campus Event

AJR performance proves a fun, energy-filled concert

By Pragati Pant April 3, 2019
On March 26, AJR performed on campus as part of Grand Marshal Week festivities. UPAC Concerts sold 914 tickets, and the number of actual attendees was just under that.
Archer Center

Technical industry questions answered by RPI alumni

By Anahit Hovhannisyan April 3, 2019
On Friday, March 29, the Archer Center for Student Leadership Development and the Center for Career & Development hosted “Real World: Technical Skills Lunch & Learn.” Planning for the event stemmed from my previous discussion with Associate Director of the Archer Center Christine Allard summarized online, which occurred in response to my opinion piece touching on the lack of technical skills reviewed in professional development courses.

A breakdown of E-Board committees

By Caitlin Kennedy April 3, 2019
Hello RPI! I hope you all enjoyed a successful Grand Marshal Week and thank you for voting for me as the 130th President of the Union!

RPI’s Rocket League team wins Eastern Championship, heading to Minneapolis for final

By John Stotz April 3, 2019
One night when I was procrastinating going to bed and browsing the RPI subreddit, I came across a post about how RPI’s Rocket League team won the Eastern Championship and will be going to a LAN tournament in Minneapolis to face off against the winners from the other sections.

The alcohol and drug policy is changing. What does this mean for students?

By John Stotz April 3, 2019
In an email sent to the Rensselaer community, Vice President for Human Resources Curtis Powell and Vice President for Student Life Peter Konwerski outlined the updates to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policies, which will go into effect this Summer 2019 semester.
Top Hat

Help us plan 50 events to celebrate the 50th Student Senate

By Meagan Lettko April 3, 2019
Hello RPI! I am honored to begin serving you as the 154th grand marshal! I want to thank you all for participating in elections and for exercising your right to vote.
Movie Review

Shazam! is the DC film we’ve been waiting for

By Namish Gali April 3, 2019
Last weekend I had a choice between watching an early screening of Shazam! or watching Captain Marvel.