New Hearthstone symbolizes what makes our Union successful

By Caitlin Kennedy April 17, 2019

The Hearthstone Dedication Ceremony took place this past weekend. It was a wonderful event in which we were able to honor the unique student-staff partnership here at Rensselaer.

Months ago, Director of the Union Charlie Potts came up with an idea to create a physical center point here on campus. He worked closely with the Executive Board and students to build a vision that we could all get behind. I know there are some students who believe this was not the right choice. Every student is entitled to their own opinion, but let me try to change your mind.

The plaques that hang above this Hearthstone are a daily reminder of all the people it takes to create and sustain a Union like the one we have here at RPI. We, as students, have the ability to come up with amazing ideas that we see for ourselves and our clubs; but, very few of these ideas would see the light of day if it were not for the help of our Union administrative staff. These people work every day, behind the scenes, to help make students’ dreams a reality. It would be hard to find a successful club or organization here on campus who hasn’t worked with Business Administrator Martha McElligot, Director of Student Activities Cameron McLean, or any of the other staff. They allow us to come up with big ideas while making sure all of the logistics are handled correctly. This Hearthstone is a way for us to show gratitude to those who helped and encouraged us so much along the way.

Other students are worried about seating in the McNeil Room. This was also considered by the Executive Board while making its decision. To remedy this, more tables were added in the Welcome Lobby. The fish tank is in the process of being relocated to the Mueller Center to add more study space and seating for students within the Union. It is also being converted to a freshwater tank.

I hope when students see the Hearthstone they see the significance behind it and appreciate the amount of work that so many people put into the student body and the Union. So next time you find yourself on the third floor of the Union, make sure you stop by to thank the people who support us every day.

As a reminder, all Union Executive Board meetings are open to the public, and I welcome all students to come and share their thoughts and ideas on new or existing projects that the Board is working on.