Executive Board

Holocaust Remembrance Committee approved

During the penultimate meeting of the current Executive Board, the creation of two new clubs was overseen—including a Holocaust Remembrance Committee—and four people were approved for positions.

The Holocaust Remembrance Committee came before the Board to seek Union recognition. The delegate described how every four years a different synagogue hosts a Holocaust remembrance event but recently other synagogues have started to host their own events independently. Union recognition would bring them more stability. They described how the last time they were approved was in 2016. The long-term goal of the club would be to gain Union funding and have a secure budget. Some Board members questioned if this was the right way to fund a Holocaust remembrance event rather than using the Multicultural Lounge. The club was approved 11-0-3.

The Fishing Club also sought Union recognition. Their interest meetings had seven or more people show up and they plan on organizing fishing events at nearby lakes. When questioned about the difference between this club and the Outing Club, the president said that the Outing Club is “more focused on hiking and climbing” but there is a chance that the Outing Club and the Fishing Club can do group trips. The president of the Fishing Club also expressed interest in eventually gaining Union funding because they “don’t want to scare people off with the cost of fishing.” The club was approved 16-0-0.

The Gaming Club was renamed to the Board Gaming Club so as not to be confused with any video game club. The change was approved 17-0-0. The Board also approved UPAC’s appointment of Emily Stiklickas to UPAC general chair 16-0-0, the Board’s appointment of Anissa Choiniere to vice president for Board operations 16-0-0, Ryan Delany to vice president for club relations 15-0-1 and Dragana Dragutinovic to vice president for rules and special projects 14-0-1.