Committee Spotlight

Multicultural Leadership Council: a liaison for cultural clubs on campus

On a campus where the difference between the majority and the minority can feel quite evident, the Multicultural Leadership Council is proving to be an important resource for cultural clubs. Originally founded as a club, the organization’s purpose is to promote diversity of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and so forth. Soon after becoming a club, the MLC realized that it would have a broader range of jurisdiction if it became an official committee of the Executive Board. In December 2018, the Multicultural Leadership Council joined the E-Board and has had a committee representative on the Board ever since.

As a Board committee, the MLC has gained more recognition and aims to serve as a liaison between cultural clubs on campus and the Board; they inform the Board of any information relevant to cultural clubs.

One of its well-known events is the Multicultural Roundtable. This is a monthly event where cultural club representatives come and discuss their club updates. It is a time for clubs to inform each other about their upcoming events so that there is no accidental overlap. In the case that multiple clubs want to hold the same event, the Multicultural Leadership Council steps in, and arranges a bigger event incorporating all clubs involved. An example of this is the Cultural Appropriation versus Cultural Appreciation event. Many clubs had hosted their own version of this in the past, but came together to host only one this year.

Other events include the International Festival, which included 26 cultural clubs last year, How to Be an Ethical Ally, and the Multicultural Spirit Week. Additionally, the Council oversees affairs in the Multicultural Lounge, a student space on the second floor of the Union. Members of the MLC want it to ultimately become an advisor for cultural clubs that don’t receive funding from the Union, as well as for clubs that don’t understand the role Student Government plays on campus.

When asked about the upcoming year, Chairperson Dragana ​Dragutinovic ’20 mentioned that she is excited about the Council’s eight newly appointed members. ​Dragutinovic described them all as passionate people. Along with elected members, there are also general body members. This includes anyone who shows up to meetings.

Dragutinovic also highlighted some of the projects that the Council is working on for the next semester. They hope to turn the Multicultural Lounge into a safe space specifically for LGBT students. The MLC was also given access to the Patroon Room, and is thinking of making it an African American, Latin, Asian, and Native American safe space. Part of this project would include allowing general public access to the gender neutral bathroom in the Patroon Room. Along with these goals, the Multicultural Leadership Council hopes to catch up to speed with campus, as they are so newly formed.

If you think the Multicultural Leadership Council sounds interesting, consider becoming a body member next semester. Meeting times will be announced in the beginning of the Fall semester. If you have any direct questions, you can email the council at