A breakdown of E-Board committees

By Caitlin Kennedy April 3, 2019

Hello RPI!

I hope you all enjoyed a successful Grand Marshal Week and thank you for voting for me as the 130th President of the Union! I am excited for the year ahead and know we will accomplish great things together. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all students to get involved in Student Government. Whether it is applying to be on the Executive Board or joining a committee, there are two ways to get involved and have your voice heard. The Executive Board has six committees that are individually responsible for very important work.

The Club Operations Committee facilitates new clubs through the process of becoming Union-recognized or Union-affiliated. If this new club is to be funded, ClubOps helps guide the club through the funding application process. It also manages the status of current clubs by ensuring that all clubs have up-to-date documentation and identifying clubs that are no longer active.

The Business Operations Committee presides over the Union’s businesses, including the bookstore and Sodexo food services. The committee conducts studies regarding current business operations and seeks student input for improvements to the Union’s services and facilities.

The Marketing and Strategy Committee works closely with the Rensselaer Union’s communication specialists, graphic designers, and website developers to create a uniform Union brand, develop a comprehensive Union events calendar, and improve event promotion throughout campus.

The Union Annual Report Committee designs and distributes a document that serves as an update on the Union’s finances. It explains in detail any changes to the Union Activity Fee, as well as breaks down in-club budgeting for the upcoming academic year. After publishing the UAR, this committee communicates its contents with the student body at large.

The Union Programs and Activities Committee is responsible for creating programs for the student body as well as helping other programming groups—such as Winter Carnival and GM Week—with their events.

The Student Government Communications Committee is the primary means of distributing information from all five bodies of Student Government to the Rensselaer student body. The SGCC is focused on creating easily accessible, palatable, and creative ways to keep the student body well-informed about the all the happenings of Student Government, as well as creating an ease of communication from the student body to their Student Government officials and representatives.

The Multicultural Leadership Council organizes events and promotes awareness of the eight pillars of diversity and identity: ability, age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. They also oversee the affairs of the Multicultural Lounge and lead the operation of the Multicultural Round Table.

If any of these committees sound interesting to you, I encourage you to check them out! Committee work is vital to the success of the Executive Board, and the more involvement and diversity present in committees, the better work they will do. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at with any questions, comments, or concerns.