Freshman Elections

Class of 2025 elections underway

Today, the Class of 2025 will choose their student government officers. Voting will occur in-person from 8 am to 8 pm at the Rensselaer Union and Commons Dining Hall. The Class Council consists of a president, vice president, four class senators, eight class representatives, and any number of additional members-at-large.

The class president is responsible for organizing class-wide activities, coordinating class council meetings, and upholding bylaws formed by the class council. Additionally, the class president is a representative in the Undergraduate Council, which exists to organize and oversee all class councils. The candidates for Class of 2025 President are Finn Welch, Edgar Valle, Mike Slass, Ben Hadad, and Keo Clarkson.

The vice president’s role is to fulfill the duties of the president in their absence and aid the president with their responsibilities. Similarly to class president, the class vice president is also a representative in the Undergraduate Council. The sole candidate for the Class of 2025 Vice President is Faren Thompson.

Overseen by the grand marshal, the Student Senate consists of four senators from each class, six graduate senators, two Greek senators, and two independent senators. The responsibilities of senators include attending meetings, chairing one committee or serving at least two committees within the Senate, and any class council commitments. The candidates for Class of 2025 Senators are Edgar Valle, Ben Hadad, Keo Clarkson, Faren Thompson, Michael Papadopoulos, Nic Fostini, Jacob Lorelli, and Aaryan Bhatt.

Finally, there are eight representative positions within the Class Council. Their main responsibilities are to assist in the Class Council’s prime duties: planning class activities, designing the class ring, fundraising, choosing a class gift, selecting a commencement speaker, planning Senior Week events, and being a liaison between the student population and student government. Michael Papadopoulos, Aaryan Bhatt, Esha Gupta, Jayden Smith, and Aditya Goyal are all current candidates for class representative.