May 2020

Town Meeting

Fall semester to involve online learning

By Sarah Shiang May 25, 2020

Furloughs, a decline in enrollment, and a $60 million revenue loss were discussed during this spring's Town Meeting. Tuition will not be reduced, and Rensselaer will continue to pursue the Peace Officer bill. Dr. Lawrence put forth a plan to ensure the community's safety if on-campus activities are to resume this fall.

Town Meeting

Institute braces for $60 million in revenue loss

By John Stotz May 25, 2020

President Shirley Ann Jackson announced that Rensselaer is expecting a revenue loss of $60 million due to the coronavirus pandemic between Fiscal Year 2020 and 2021 during the Spring Town Meeting.

Executive Board

Executive Board thanks Kennedy for her service

By Sarah Shiang May 25, 2020

Newly elected President of the Union Anissa Choiniere led the Executive Board’s first meeting of the 51st E-Board via Webex, thanking Caitlin Kennedy for her service as the 130th president of the Union, and approving Yaseen Mahmoud to the office of vice president of the Union for board operations and Nate Sullivan to the vice president of the Union for club relations.

Town Meeting

Dr. Lawrence announces plan to prevent coronavirus spread

By Medhini Mankale May 25, 2020

Executive Director for Health and Wellness Dr. Leslie Lawrence outlined a plan during the Spring Town Meeting to prevent the spread of COVID-19 when students return to campus.


On teaching at home

By John Stotz, Sarah Shiang, and Medhini Mankale May 24, 2020

After transitioning to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rensselaer professors provide their perspectives on online teaching and the lessons they will bring back with them when on-campus learning resumes.


Patel wins president by 1% margin

By Harrison Todd and John Stotz May 17, 2020

Harshil Patel has been elected Class of 2023 President, narrowly beating Scott Schwartz 99 to 97.


Over 1/3 of freshman class unnotified of election re-run

By John Stotz May 17, 2020

The redo elections for Class of 2023 president, vice-president, and representatives took place online through Simply Voting from May 13 to 15, but more than 650 freshmen were not notified that the election was happening.

Top Hat

Thank you to the 50th Student Senate

By Meagan Lettko May 16, 2020

This past year was a historic year for Student Government, and specifically the Student Senate.


Financial aid policies revised

By John Stotz May 15, 2020

Rensselaer’s Student Guide to Financial Aid webpage was updated in April, adding the stipulation that financial aid “may also be revised due to unexpected business disruptions caused by … emergency situations.” The page was updated after the decision to reduce aid for the Arch semester was announced.

Letter To The Editor

Boomers vs. Zoomers

By Bill Ni May 14, 2020

The toxic relationship between the baby boomers and Gen Z transcends insulting quips, targeted memes, and criticism from both groups.

Letter To The Editor

Courage through the coronavirus

By Bram van Heuveln May 14, 2020

Professor Bram van Heuveln congratulates students for adapting to online courses and facing current circumstances head-on.

Staff Editorial

Welcome, Class of 2024!

By The Polytechnic Editorial Board May 11, 2020

With National College Decision Day come and gone, The Polytechnic extends a warm welcome to the Class of 2024 and the 2025 architects.


Narayan and Choiniere win GM, PU races

Advaith Narayan ’21 and Anissa Choiniere ’21 have been elected Grand Marshal and President of the Union, respectively. The announcement was made on a live stream through the Union’s Instagram account, and a rundown of the election results was sent out in an email shortly thereafter.


Election missteps may lead to invalid results

By John Stotz and Medhini Mankale May 3, 2020

Major errors that could invalidate this week’s elections were at the forefront of discussion in the Student Senate meeting on Thursday. These errors included votes cast by those who should not have been able to vote, as well as the use of Google Forms to fix the incorrect categorization of students by class cohort.