Patel wins president by 1% margin

Harshil Patel has been elected Class of 2023 President, narrowly beating Scott Schwartz 99 to 97. Sean Lisk beat Faizah Rabbye by a larger 4.8% margin to be elected Class of 2023 Vice President. The announcement was made in an email from Grand Marshal Advaith Narayan ’21 sent to all Union members.

208 votes were cast in this election.

These elections originally took place as part of the Grand Marshal Week elections but “due to errors made in the election process,” which were discussed in the Senate meeting on April 30, the elections had to be re-run.

This election also faced an issue where more than 650 freshmen did not get notified that the election was happening.

All results as unanimously approved by the Elections Commission can be found below. Winners are in bold. Italics indicate write-ins.

Class of 2023 President

  1. Harshil Patel (99)
  2. Scott Schwartz (97)

Class of 2023 Vice President

  1. Sean Lisk (73)
  2. Faizah Rabbye (64)
  3. Varsha Jayaprakash (52)

Class of 2023 Representative

  1. Jason Lin (142)
  2. Aditi Patel (141)
  3. Evan Wadley (122)
  4. Christiana Bevilacqua (19)
  5. Kailey Swanson (4)
  6. Rylie Maready (4)
  7. Sophie Goddard (4)
  8. Jacqueline Koziol (4)