Executive Board

Executive Board thanks Kennedy for her service

Newly elected President of the Union Anissa Choiniere ’21 led the Executive Board’s first meeting via Webex last Thursday, approving Yaseen Mahmoud ’22 as vice president of the Union for board operations and Nate Sullivan ’22 as vice president of the Union for club relations. The E-Board also thanked Caitlin Kennedy ’20 for her service as the 130th President of the Union and discussed the upcoming school year with regards to socially distanced Union activities, and planning for a virtual club activity fair.

The Executive Board unanimously approved Yaseen Mahmoud ’22 to the office of vice president of the Union for board operations. In this role, Mahmoud is expected to oversee the E-Board and committee chairs, help with budgeting, and provide documentation on these changes. Nate Sullivan ’22 became vice president of the Union for club relations with unanimous approval by the E-Board. As VP for club operations, Sullivan is expected to oversee club representatives, train Executive Board members, and work with clubs placed on probation.

Both Mahmoud and Sullivan plan to enhance communication efforts within the Rensselaer Executive Board and the student body. Though both will be away on Arch at some point during the school year as rising juniors, Grand Marshal Advaith Narayan ’21 expressed that though “it’s tough,” it’s “100% possible to do,” referring to serving on student government during the Arch away semester.

Choiniere reflected on a “productive semester,” with the E-Board from the mailroom renovations, continued construction in Rathskeller, and the moving of the barbershop and Ben & Jerry’s. Director of Student Activities Cameron McLean recognized the graduating seniors on the E-Board for their achievements and initiated the discussion as to how an online Webex Activity Fair could be run.

Before ending the meeting, Choiniere reminded the E-Board to reach out to student clubs and organizations and think about how Union facilities would operate at reduced capacity, as well as how student organizations and clubs could function while maintaining social distancing.