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RPI Autism Self-Advocacy Network becomes Union-recognized

[Update March 14] Due to the coronavirus all university-related travel was suspended. This prevents the CSSA students from traveling to the Northeastern Chinese Basketball League.

RPI Autism Self-Advocacy Network became Union-recognized, looking to create a supportive environment for autistic students. Club representative Miriam Rundell ’21 emphasized the lack of resources and accommodations on campus for autistic students, and how students have been turned away from the Counseling Center in the past. She indicated that students have had to take medical leaves of absence because of these issues.

Club member Rob Tringone ’23 added, “Campus can be incredibly over-stimulated sometimes and there is no real relief from that. Even the library’s open study rooms can get to be too much. The ability to study is directly impacted by how one can mask it in an environment like that.”

There have been no clubs for autism at Rensselaer until the RPI ASAN began. Rundell shared that, “We want to use our club and our experiences to help other autistics in need.” One of the long-term goals for RPI ASAN is to create a sensory safe space with resources such as white noise machines. Meetings are open to the entire campus and are not restricted to members, and they hope to create awareness for their group with their Union-recognition, through open discussions, guest speakers, and other events. The motion for the RPI Autism Self-Advocacy Network to become a Union recognized club was approved, effective immediately, 16-0-0.

RPI Chinese Students and Scholars Association was approved to play in the Northeastern Chinese Basketball League tournament on March 14–15. According to co-captain Songchun Xie ’21, “This is the biggest Chinese basketball tournament in the Northeastern region.” He mentioned that the group had competed at this tournament only once before, and the members are looking forward to reestablishing the connection with the league and playing at this tournament again. Thirteen members from the club will play, and they believe that through this event they will be able to connect with other CSSA chapters and exercise their passion for basketball. The tournament is being held at Brandeis University, and the club will be handling all travel and lodging on their own. CSSA's proposal to attend the 2020 NECBL tournament on March 14 and 15 and use of the CSSA name was approved 15-0-0.

Rensselaer Running Club was approved for a starter budget of $268. They currently have 35 active members, and participate in approximately five road races each semester. All race entry fees are paid for out-of-pocket, which makes it difficult for all of their members to participate. With this budget, the club will be able to fund entry fees and transportation for eight of their members to run in the 10th Annual Ice Breaker Challenge 5k in Albany on March 28. The motion for a starter budget of $268 for Running Club and to approve the Running Club's status as a Union Funded Club, effective immediately from FY20 Stop Gap Contingencies, was approved 16-0-0.