Executive Board

Recording studio approved for RMA

The Rensselaer Music Association was approved to move forward with its plans to create a recording studio on campus on Thursday. According to RMA Publicity/Recruitment Coordinator Matthew Oster ’20, with their fast-growing membership, the group has estimated “nearly 300 members by 2023,” and would like to build this resource for both RMA and other students on campus.

The current process for recording is very strenuous for the association, as they need to move all the instruments and equipment from upstairs in the J Building to one of the rehearsal rooms downstairs, reassemble, record, and then return it all upstairs and disassemble again. This process is difficult, and only a few of the RMA groups are able to record each year. They were approved by the Institute for two rooms on the second floor of the J Building, and believe that turning one of those rooms into a studio will make it much more convenient to record.

RMA Treasurer Christopher Geisert ’21 discussed the DCC recording space that is very small and has limited availability, hindering students’ ability to get the time they need. In addition, this recording space is available through the Department of the Arts, making it difficult for many students to get access given the need for this type of facility. The goal of the RMA recording studio is for it to be accessible to large groups and allow for all students to be able to use it, including the several student organizations that record music. The RMA has a summer program during the Arch semester and experiences heavy interest from students at that time, as it provides them with an extracurricular activity when many clubs aren’t active. They would like to have the studio running by then to accommodate the demand during that time period. With the support from the Union, RMA will be progressing with the creation of this recording studio over the next few months.

Four motions were brought forward for the recording studio. RMA's use of 2nd floor rooms in the J Building for practice, storage, and any additional use consistent with their club purpose was approved unanimously. The reallocation of $920 from RMA's FY20 Budget to partially fund the furnishing of their recording studio was approved 15-0-1. Allocation of $2,602 and $831 of the Union Facilities Reserves towards the purchase of chairs and stands, respectively, for RMA's use was approved 8-7-0. Allocation of $3,028 from FY20 RMA Reserves to furnish the recording studio with $352 in mobile tripod stands, a $20 year-long DistroKid subscription, a $2,499 keyboard and $1,077 in sound panels, in which costs may be subsidized from their FY20 Budget, was approved unanimously.