Undergraduate President candidate profile

Why do you want to be Undergraduate President?


Joey Lyons

I’m running for Undergraduate President because I hope to expand upon the current and previous Undergraduate Presidents’ efforts to support and promote collaboration between the class councils. Student government has given me a means to positively impact my fellow classmates and find ways to connect with them. In this role, I hope to continue finding these connections and help other students celebrate with their classmates by encouraging our councils to hold meaningful events to build strong relationships amongst class members.

Describe your experience in student government.


Joey Lyons

I have been involved in student government since the start of my freshman year, when I was elected Class of 2020 Vice President. As Vice President, I was responsible for creating our plaque (with our class quote on it) that went with our class tree and for helping the First Year Experience team run their Grow Your Future event. Before the start of my sophomore year, I stepped into the Class of 2020 President role. As Class President, I have been responsible for the creating and running of our apple picking and hockey night events as well as finalizing our class logo.

List your campus activities, including levels of involvement, positions held, and awards received.


Joey Lyons

Outside of student government, my campus activities include: Varsity Women’s Soccer, Varsity Track and Field, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Women’s Mentorship Program and Sole Survivors.

Name three short-term goals (within your term of office) and three long-term goals (beyond your term of office) that you have for the Undergraduate Council.


Joey Lyons

My three short-term goals are:
1. Find summer arch (The Arch) solutions for the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021
2. Ensure each council has at least one event per semester
3. Help increase communication between councils and their respective class

My three long-term goals are:
1. Have a protocol for the rising Junior Class so that they can have a continuous council and activities
2. Have a database of ideas for events so that future classes can be inspired and add their own ideas and feedback, along with information on how they went about doing this and who they contacted
3. Have a 4-year template plan which shows what the Council should be doing each year

In your own words, what do you feel are the roles of the Undergraduate President, the Undergraduate Council, and the Class Councils?


Joey Lyons

The role of the Undergraduate President is to run the Undergraduate Council and to help support each Class Council in their activities. The Undergraduate President is also responsible for informing the incoming Class President and Vice President on how the Undergraduate Council runs and the role and responsibilities of their Class Council. The role of the Undergraduate Council is to not only approve budgets for class activities, but to also provide continuity amongst the classes so that ideas and traditions are passed on. The UC also helps inspire Class Councils and helps inform the Presidents and Vice Presidents of other student government activities. The role of the Class Councils is to make events that create comradery amongst the class and provide symbols of the class like the class logo, class quote, class tree, class rings, etc.

What do you think are the incumbent Undergraduate President’s strengths and weaknesses? What would you do to improve upon them if you were elected?


Joey Lyons

The strengths of the incumbent Undergraduate President include her organization, efficiency, and smoothness that meetings are run with. Her weaknesses include the lack of support received when the Class Presidents lost access to their class email lists and performing all of the unfilled roles of the UC herself. I would improve upon this by advocating for the Presidents and their Councils by contacting the correct parties immediately once an issue arose. I would also make sure to have every position filled and if unable to do so, I would ensure that I performed each unfilled role adequately.