Panhellenic Council for Narayan, Choiniere, Lazaro

After the general body meeting of the Panhellenic Council on March 4, the council delegates have voted to endorse Advaith Narayan for grand marshal, Anissa Choiniere for president of the Union, and Evan Lazaro for undergraduate president.

Letter To The Editor

Our Arch concerns have gone unheard

Grand Marshal Meagan Lettko '20 and Vice Grand Marshal Advaith Narayan '21 voice their concerns with how the Arch program is being handled this summer and outline the Student Senate’s recent efforts in advocating for rising juniors.


Breaking down the activity fee

Students receive their bill from the Institute each semester, where there is a line item labeled “Undergraduate Activity Fee.” So what’s this fee? Every student enrolled at Rensselaer pays an activity fee, which is actually three separate fees; class dues, the Union activity fee, and an athletics fee. Graduate students pay a different graduate fee.

Candidate Questions

Senator candidate profile

The Polytechnic asked students running for senator positions to discuss the issues they plan to address if elected. Here is the response we received.

Candidate Questions

Undergraduate President candidate profiles

The Polytechnic asked undergraduate president candidates to discuss their goals and leadership experience and to reflect on Student Government as a whole. Here are their responses.

Candidate Questions

President of the Union candidate profile

The Polytechnic asked the candidate for president of the Union to discuss her goals and leadership experience and to reflect on Student Government as a whole. Here are her responses.

Candidate Questions

Grand Marshal candidate profiles

The Polytechnic asked grand marshal candidates to discuss their goals and leadership experience and to reflect on Student Government as a whole. Here are their responses.

Candidate Questions

Class president candidate profiles

The Polytechnic asked students running for class president to discuss the issues they plan to address if elected. Here are the responses we received.


Adapting to unprecedented times

I hope this update finds you well. It’s been about a month since we left campus for Spring Break. I know when I left class that Friday afternoon, I never would have guessed it would be my last college class ever. Whether you are a senior and grieving the loss of your senior spring, or a sophomore coming to terms with the fact that it will be months before you see your classmates again, I feel for you. These are unprecedented times.

Editorial Notebook

Challenging times call for connectivity

I know that I’m not the only one tapping through “until tomorrow” posts, 30-day song challenges, variations of “draw a carrot” stories, and endless customized bingo grids during quarantine. Nevertheless, watching my peers challenge each other to post videos of pushups, dances, and practicing music have reminded me of the power of social media and how it can be used positively in a trying time.

Editorial Notebook

An abrupt end to senior year

I did not realize that my classes on March 6 were the last I would ever experience on campus. In a matter of a few days, I lost the remainder of my last semester at Rensselaer to the novel coronavirus.

Staff Editorial

Wi-Fi updates: upgrades on campus, how to file a ticket

We published a staff editorial regarding the technical problems we have faced on campus last month. Within that article, we talked about how we noticed Wi-Fi issues on campus. After the article was published, Associate Director of IT Infrastructure Colleen Morrissey reached out to share how the Division of the Chief Information Officer has been committed to ensuring a strong Wi-Fi network across campus.

Editorial Notebook

Why I love national parks

I would like to share with you why you should plan a visit to a national park during your upcoming summer break.


Enforcement of policy due to coronavirus frustrating

As I am sure you have noticed, in the last few weeks, the school has been updating us about the flu and coronavirus and the measures they are taking to ensure students are safe on campus. However, there were some issues with how many of these policies were implemented.

Editorial Notebook

Seize the potential of RPI

I was once told that college is the last time in your life that you will be able to focus on learning things solely for your own benefit and gain. In the future, it is likely you will primarily be learning to advance your career. Everything you do now should be purely motivated by self-improvement. I didn’t realize the significance of this statement at the time, but reflecting, I find it has defined my time here at Rensselaer.

Behind the URL

Behind the scenes of The Poly's social media

Keeping in line with our change to online-first journalism, The Polytechnic now has a regularly updated social media presence and a department dedicated to promoting our content.

Editorial Notebook

No need to stress about your career

I realized how many people around me had secured summer internships when my sophomore year ended. When I went home after finals, I applied to positions in a panic. I was afraid I made a mistake by never attending career fairs and making no effort to get an internship.


There is more to college than academics

Your four years here will pass in a flash, so make the most of it. Be responsible and get your work done, but don’t forget to have fun.

Top Hat

How you can get involved in Student Government

Campaigning for elected Student Government positions officially kicked off this past week on February 12, 2020! Students can now attend informational sessions to learn about the rules and procedures of campaigning for elected positions.


Why you should study abroad

The Arch is fast approaching—especially for me, now that I am at the end of my sophomore year. I never really tried to become exempt from the Arch because frankly, I didn’t want to be. Since the beginning of college, I wanted to study abroad for at least one semester, and the Arch allows me to do that without worrying about transferring credit towards my major to graduate within four years.


Privacy is (almost) dead

Privacy is dead. It died unnoticed while everyone watched.

Letter To The Editor

Yeming Shen’s legacy in research at Rensselaer

Yeming Shen’s PhD advisor, Thomas Sharkey, writes about Yeming’s contributions to the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department after his unexpected passing.


Tell us how your club is adjusting to the Arch

We had a meeting of all the Union officers this past week. The grand marshal, undergraduate president, graduate president, judicial board chair, and I all met a few times a semester to make sure that all bodies of our Student Government are working together cohesively. On this occasion, we met to discuss some wrap-up items as many of our terms are coming to an end and student leader appreciation.


Give us your feedback about club budgeting

President of the Union Caitlin Kennedy discusses the importance of the club budgeting feedback form, and asks clubs to respond. Kennedy also mentions that campaigning for next year’s Student Government starts soon.