Candidate Questions

Senator candidate profile

By The Poly April 14, 2020

The Polytechnic asked students running for senator positions to discuss the issues they plan to address if elected. Here is the response we received.

[Editor’s note: The following was edited for clarity and for The Poly's grammatical and mechanical style.]

If elected, what issues would you address, and how will this affect the campus or members of your class?

Class of 2022 senator candidates:

Galilea Olvera: After gaining experience working with leaders and members of various affinity groups on campus, I feel as though I’ve gained a deeper understanding as to what our student government lacks in terms of effective representation of our student body: diversity. Diversity of people, experiences, and views creates an environment of inclusion and novel ideas, those where we realize the underlying effects of the Arch on lower-income students, inefficient academic resources and tutoring services, and less priority seemingly given to non-essential student groups/organizations. I feel as though I have acquainted myself well with a large portion of our RPI community, and I feel it’s best we prepare our school to have resources to accommodate its members and their potential.