Executive Board

Lavender Alliance retires, Statler & Waldorf to return

The Union Executive Board unanimously voted to designate the Lavender Alliance as inactive on September 23. The Alliance held an annual Lavender Graduation, which was an independent graduation ceremony for LGBTQ students, and provided academic and professional mentoring services. For the past two years, the club has had budgetary issues and low membership, and decided to migrate all current members to the Rensselaer Pride Alliance, an organization that represents and advocates for the LGBTQ community.

Major changes are coming to Statler & Waldorf, a student-run alternative magazine that has been inactive since 2019 when their Union recognition was revoked. The club is known for its humorous takes on Rensselaer culture. Developments include rebranding the club name, a full transition to online publication, and the addition of a faculty advisor.

The Executive Board meets on Thursdays at 8 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.