Executive Board

PAL, KSA, Alianza Latina to hold cultural events

Alianza Latina, a club focusing on Latinx culture and identity, is seeking $4,600 to fund a new program titled “Closing Ceremony” for Latinx Heritage Month. The club is inviting “Alex Torres & His Latin Orchestra” to the closing ceremony. Both the new program and subsidy reallocation motion passed unanimously.

During questioning, graduate student and Counselor to the President Matt Zapken asked Assistant Director of Student Activities Jayne Godette why the club had $1,000 allocated for band hospitality. Godette clarified that most of the money may go to supporting Union Showtech instead as the band required a lot of equipment.

Club Representative Ava Gallagher ’23 proposed to amend the motion to add that $1,500 will be used for band hospitality and technical support. According to Gallagher, the clause will ensure that each budget allotment receives enough funds. Member-At-Large Representative Nick Longchamp ’24 questioned if the amendment was necessary, as the club already formulated a cost breakdown. Gallagher responded that the clause was a “security measure” and was open to disagreement.

The amendment to the subsidy reallocation motion passed, with only Longchamp disapproving.

The Philippine American League is seeking to establish a new program titled “Filipino-American History Month” which includes a kickoff celebration, a basketball tournament, and a formal event. The club also proposed to reallocate $750 to the new program. Both motions passed unanimously.

While reviewing the subsidy reallocation, graduate student and Business Operations Committee chairperson Brian Anderson noted that the club’s plan to cover “any additional costs” using leftover funds was vague. Anderson further added that the Rensselaer Union Guidelines & Procedures prevented reallocated funds from being used on raffles, which was planned to be held during the formal event.

Club Representative Jake Herman ’23 suggested money raised from entrance fees could be used to fund the raffle instead. In addition, Zapken said decorations for the event should come out of the club support budget.

Herman motioned to include a clause that would give an additional $50 from the club support budget for decorations, while funds for the raffle prize would be derived from entrance fees to the event. The amendment to the subsidy reallocation motion passed unanimously.

The Korean Student Association is seeking $350 to fund a BBQ at Prospect Park on September 16. The event is titled “Chu-seok,” and can be thought of as “Korean Thanksgiving.”

During discussion, graduate student and Vice President for Board Operations Minh Nguyen pointed out that KSA already has a food allotment of around $600 in their budget and asked why the club wasn’t using it. KSA President Sanghyun Kim ’24 responded that the club is planning on having events later this semester, and their current food budget wasn’t enough to cover all the events.

Herman asked if the club had an alternative plan if they weren’t able to cook their own food due to the Institute’s food policy. Kim said the club would purchase pre-packaged food from K-Plate in Troy.

The motion to approve the $350 subsidy request passed unanimously.

The Rensselaer Music Association is seeking a due waiver, as their club directors Bob Button and Joe “JB” Bonville have retired. Historically, dues were paid by RMA members to offset director salaries; the retirement of both directors in June this year meant dues were no longer needed.

Gallagher asked when the organization would expect a new director. RMA responded that the position would “definitely not” be filled this semester and the situation was up “in the air.” The motion for the due waiver passed unanimously.

Catherine Philipps ’24 was appointed vice president of club relations. Gerald Osborne ’23 and Fiona Clarke ’23 were unanimously appointed to the Multicultural Leadership Council.

This Executive Board meeting was held on September 7. The Executive Board meets in the Shelnutt Gallery every Thursday at 8 pm.