Academic Calendar updates: Less than two weeks break before Summer semester

[Editor’s Note]: The article previously stated that resident dining halls would close after dinner on May 7, and that residence halls and apartments close at noon on May 8. As of January 10, the dates were changed to May 12 and May 13 respectively. 

Since the email sent by Strategic Communications and External Relations on December 30, pushing back the start of the semester by a week, the academic calendar has been updated. Classes will end on May 3, with May 12 as the last day of finals for the Spring semester. This semester students will not have a Spring break, which usually takes place in March and lasts for one week. This means that students will go all Spring semester with only one day off for President’s Day on February 15. Due to the calendar change, students taking summer classes will have ten days of break between the end of the Spring semester and the start of the Summer semester.

All resident dining halls close after dinner on May 12, and for students not participating in Commencement, residence halls and apartments close at noon on May 13. Final exams take place between May 6 and May 12. Commencement will still take place on May 22, as previously scheduled. It has not yet been specified whether Commencement will take place online or in-person. This calendar has been confirmed to be up-to-date by Director of Media Relations and Communications Reeve Hamilton.