Student Life

PSS: Noel from Nason

The residents of Nason Hall decided to bring some holiday cheer to their dormitory this past Sunday. Trevor Howell ’25 and Noah Printup ’25 led an expedition to Maple Hill Trees, where a local Boy Scout troop was selling Christmas trees. Both students were responsible for organizing the funding and securing transportation.

With a 15-foot fir secured to the roof—the largest tree the nursery had, Printup declared—the group carefully made the 30-minute trip back to campus. Upon their arrival, a host of fellow Nason occupants rallied to assist in setting up and decorating this monument of holiday cheer.

Shannon Fuerte ’25, a student also involved in the occasion, remarked that “Nason Hall is a genuinely great community, the fact that we can pull off stunts such as these together is great!”

Of course, the tree’s true majesty can only be viewed at night, whether from a table in Commons Dining Hall, a dorm room in Crockett Hall, or right at home in Nason.

Printup told The Poly “I am really happy for all of the support and cooperation from many of the Nason Hall residents for not only financially supporting the purchase of the tree and other supplies, but also for helping physically set up and decorate it. I hope it'll make people happy during the stress of finals.”