Web Pokemon is what we’re thinking of

Creator of Full Screen Mario brings Kanto to life online

PROFESSOR ELM WELCOMES the player in a nostalgic scene to warm any Pokefan’s heart.

On Tuesday, April 1, Josh Goldberg, the creator of Full Screen Mario, will be unveiling his newest full screen creation: Pokemon. The game will be rolling out on his website, www.fullscreenpokemon.com. Contrary to Full Screen Mario, which took Goldberg more than a year to develop, the entire Full Screen Pokemon engine and maps took but a rainy Saturday’s work. Additionally, Full Screen Pokemon was coded in AstleyScript, instead of Mario’s JavaScript.

Topher: Hello, Josh and thanks for being here with me today. What inspired you to make Full Screen Pokemon?

Josh: Well, Twitch Plays Pokemon brought Pokemon back into the spotlight again, so I thought, why not capitalize on it? We’re no strangers to the game. You know the rules, and so do I.

T: Valid point. So are there any similarities to its predecessor, Full Screen Mario?

J: Sure. More than you would expect. The engine is similar and finding and integrating the sprites were the same. Also, a full screen is what I’m thinking of. You wouldn’t get this from any other site.

T: Please elaborate. Do you think this will achieve the 2.7 million unique hits that Full Screen Mario received?

J: Here, let me tell you what I’m feeling. Let me make you understand. Like Super Mario, you’re never gonna give this game up. And it will never let you down; I’ve made sure that the website will handle the incoming hits. That way in game, it will never glitch around and crash on you.

T: Great! Will there be new features not included in the original Red version?

J: Of course! Instead of the original three that you start with, in honor of Twitch Plays Pokemon, I’ve made Rick Ghastley the only starter available. Additionally, in memory of Bloody Sunday, I’ve made it so that you can’t release Pokemon, to make sure you’re never gonna give them up. I still feel for the many casualties that happened that day. Helix be blessed.

T: I completely understand; I was there too. I apologize, I want to keep this interview short, so are there any other points you want to add?

J: I’ve enjoyed Pokemon, ever since I was a kid; it’s partly what also motivated me to make the game. So you could say I’ve known Pokemon for so long. My heart’s been aching, but I was unsure how to code it. Older, I know now how to write it out. You and I both know the game and we’re gonna play it. I’m going to reiterate, you’re never gonna give it up.

T: Oh, I look forward to it, Josh, and you can bet I’ll be one of the first hits. Thanks for your time, Josh. For more information on the game and the game itself, visit www.fullscreenpokemon.com.