RPI Athletics will introduce male lingerie football

New team is first of its kind with, special guidelines to ensure fun for participants alike

Going along with the numerous changes RPI Athletics will undergo this upcoming year, a brand-new sport is to be introduced to the lineup. The male lingerie football team, a gender-bending variation on the former Lingerie Football League, will be the starter team of an altogether new league called the Male Lingerie Football League, or MLFL for short.

The League was started on the idea that equality in sports should extend to both genders and all walks of life, which meant that three divisions were formed in this pilot program. The first division has the most stringent requirements, with prospective players being required to be at least the equivalent of level 30 in League of Legends and be dressed in only the finest lingerie. Division II players are required to be average in every way possible, as defined by an independent committee on a case-by-case basis. Only Division III candidates are allowed the luxuries of using weight-lifting equipment, and must be dressed in either skirts and blouses, or dresses, with a length that must be above the knees.

Athletic Director Brick Thamher encouraged the formation of the MLFL, calling it a “revolutionary change for a revolutionary year.” He went on to say that while RPI historically did not have extensive attendance at many sports games, this new sport would hopefully bolster attendance. NCAA President Emmit Malcolm stated, “The idea of providing an equal counter to the current provacativity of the modern media came to us one night, and the rest is history.” He believed that this was an unequivocal change in the NCAA’s sport lineup, and that it would be an unprecedented and determinative event in sports history. RPI was chosen, according to Malcolm, as the school for the pilot program due to its potential attendance, including prospective future attendees, its large pool of current eligible recruits, and the relatively new athletic facilities.

Reactions to the news have been largely positive with students, male and female alike, applauding the new program. Ron Razorman ’15, a fan of RPI football, stated that “this program thing’ll make us the envy of every school in the region!” Polly Goldinger ’17 stated that she was “enthused that [RPI Athletics] is finally giving us what we want.” In general, students have commented that they look forward to future games and that many believe they will attend games. Andy Suds ’14 emphasized, “I mean I’m not gay or anything, but I think it might still be pretty dang fun to watch.”

This change, in addition to the numerous other changes going on in the athletics department this upcoming year, will truly make the upcoming seasons ones to watch. The first game in the upcoming season will take place on August 30, at 4 pm in ECAV. Stadium.