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Quirky stop motion captivates audience

As a fan of Wes Anderson, I was super excited to see Isle of Dogs. I loved what he did in Moonrise Kingdom, and Grand Budapest Hotel is still one of my favorite movies. When I saw the trailer for Isle of Dogs, I was a bit puzzled. Instead of human actors, or even non-human actors, the trailer featured stop motion dogs and a tiny stop motion human. Honestly, this shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise, as Anderson’s 2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox was done in a similar style, but I hadn’t anticipated seeing something like it anytime soon. I’m glad I went in having only seen the trailer though. Isle of Dogs is an incredible, albeit bizzare, movie that’s hard to describe. Read more...

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Symposium promotes natural hair care, pride

Curl Connection’s first annual Natural Hair Symposium took place last Wednesday in the Academy Hall Auditorium. For those of you who don’t know, “natural hair” is simply hair that has not been chemically altered in any way. This means no relaxers, color, or texturizers. Recently, particularly in black culture, natural hair has become more mainstream, due to it being viewed as part of the “Black is Beautiful” movement. This is one of the reasons that Curl Connection wants “to connect and cultivate a community to promote hair growth, hair health, and success for all hair types.”  This event was meant to kickstart the club’s future events and generate interest. Read more...

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BSA fashion show awe-inspiring

Student strutted their stuff at the Black Student Alliance’s annual fashion show, which featured student performances by Charles Omore and Asoh! Black. Outfits allowed students to exhibit their own styles, as well as those from local businesses, such as Eko Logic, Mario & Lee, and Topsy Curvy Boutique. Read more...

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Art should be challenging

“Welcome to my dollhouse.” Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center Director Johannes Goebel held an event addressing many common questions about the subject of art. Goebel challenged attendees by asking why art exists, why we care about art, what qualifies as art, and what EMPAC’s place is in all of it—first by creating the parallel between his opinions and a dollhouse, and then by presenting his “dollhouse.” Read more...

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Paul Harding, follow-up talk

The awards for the annual McKinney Writing Contest were given out last Thursday. Students and faculty gathered in the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies auditorium. Three professors from RPI’s Department of Communication and Media—Professor Merrill Whitburn, Professor Barbara Lewis, and Professor Shira Dentz—kicked off the event by thanking organizers, sponsors, and contestants. Dentz introduced the guest speaker, Pulitzer prizewinner and author of Tinkers, Paul Harding. Read more...

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Debut album provides powerful messages

Cardi B debuted her studio album, Invasion of Privacy, on April 6. A fairly new face, the singer has been gaining much recognition for her bold voice and fearless songs. Like many others, I too have found myself entranced by Cardi B’s energetic music. This album features many well-known singers, including Migos, Chance the Rapper, and 21 Savage, among others. Each singer brings their own twist, and when combined with Cardi B, the music created is powerful to the ears. Read more...

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Concert underwhelms

I had been waiting for this concert since April 2016, the month that The Chainsmokers came to RPI.  After being extremely disappointed that there wasn’t going to be a concert for my junior year, I became super excited about who might come perform my senior year. I waited months for the final decision to be announced after taking the UPAC concerts survey. The reveal of blackbear came in late February; I turned to whomever was next to me at that moment and said, “Who is blackbear?” Read more...

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Festival of colors

The Indian Students Association put on a Holi celebration outside of Commons Dining Hall this past Saturday where students celebrated by throwing colors and spraying water on each other. This event was based on the Indian holiday of Holi, also known as the festival of colors. As a Hindu myself, I have celebrated Holi each year growing up with my family. Reminding me of home and bringing back fond memories, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had. Read more...

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Blockers offers more

UPAC Cinema hosted a free pre-screening of the upcoming Universal Pictures feature, Blockers. Starring John Cena and Leslie Mann, this movie follows three parents as they set out to ruin their daughters’ prom night. While the movie is comedic on the surface, with silly and crude references, it has a much deeper message of the strength of family, which, as a fan of family drama, I thoroughly enjoyed. Read more...

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Break-up mixtape

Surprising his fans, The Weeknd released a mixtape, My Dear Melancholy, on March 30. This was the Canadian singer’s first extended play, and it features French techno artist, Gesaffelstein. As a big fan of The Weeknd, I was excited when I heard this was released. Even though there are only six songs, the singer had a very clear message in mind when creating this masterpiece. Read more...

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Wet Monday at Muza, Polish holiday honored

Smigus-dyngus—also known as Wet Monday—is a Polish holiday celebrated on the Monday after Easter, where Polish boys and girls douse their crush with buckets of water and hit them with pussy willow branches. Although the origins of the tradition are not known exactly, its roots can be traced back to pagan times as a ritual to bring good harvests. While the tradition might sound confusing and borderline illegal, the Polish diaspora celebrates this lighthearted day throughout Polish communities around the world all the same. Read more...

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Harding discusses his work, process

Paul Harding won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for fiction for his novel Tinkers. Tinkers follows the thought process of its narrator, George Washington Crosby, as he lays on his deathbed and reflects on the relationship with his father, Howard. Read more...

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Vance Joy’s Nation of Two offers listeners relaxing, somber sound

Released late February, Vance Joy’s second studio album, Nation of Two, showcases the singer’s signature sound through a variety of songs. As a casual listener of indie pop and alternative music, I enjoyed it. Read more...

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Using high tech in circular economies

Driven by interests in humanities and science, Professor Ron Eglash conducts research surrounding “generative justice,” a research framework he has created. Having worked with both indigenous cultures around the world and urban artisans, Eglash observed value in “unalienated” forms, a term coined by Karl Marx. Eglash highlights a problem concentrated around appointing value to a power-bearing figure or corporation and designating it the task of redistribution, rather than distributing value from bottom to top. Thus, he aims to answer, “How do we use high tech to reinstitute circular economic forms?” Now, what is a circular economic form? The concept is defined by three forms of value: labor value, ecological value, and unalienated expressive value. Labor value, as introduced by Marx, is the method of valuing a product simply by the amount of labor used to create it. Ecological value is the value of a product based on its contribution to benefiting the environment. An example of this is organic agriculture. Lastly, expressive value is value generated from the happiness of the individual producing it; it is the value of associating the creator or culture with the product. The “circular” factor has to do with recycling each form of value back into the system. Read more...

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Indie album showcases versatility in new sound

Released March 9, The Neigbourhood came out just as Spring Break started. I knew I was about to spend a relaxing week at home, and an album by The Neighbourhood, one of my favorite bands, was exactly what I craved. However, I wasn’t entirely pleased with what I heard. Read more...

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Red Sparrow different than expected

The Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence, is a strange movie with many varying sequences of events. The opening scene is a ballet. Jennifer Lawrence stands on-stage in pointe shoes and a red dress, pirouetting and leaping across the stage, only to be pushed to a career-ending injury. This is only the beginning of many sequences of unfortunate events. Nonetheless, the characters draw you in, despite the actors’ Russian accents that were lacking in true authenticity. Read more...

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Instant noodle review

Ramen is classic to college campuses all around the US. Have we ever considered which brand is the best? Members of The Poly, including Anna Koenig ’21, Serge Piskun ’20, Crystal Vejar ’20, and I aim to find out. Read more...

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Hola horror genre, adios sleep schedule

I am not usually a horror movie person, so when my best friend and I sat down to watch Veronica while we teased “I’m not scared, you’re scared,” we had no idea what were in for. We had heard that this movie was the scariest movie on Netflix, and we thought that maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. We were wrong. The movie is in Spanish, which would typically dissuade me it but, do not let that stop you from watching. Horror is a universal language that is fluently spoken throughout this movie. Read more...

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Genericon: unique, inclusive, organized

This weekend, students found themselves walking into or around the Darrin Communications Center and wondering, ”What is going on?” Read more...

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Trendy alcohol option underwhelms in taste

After seeing multiple Facebook news articles raving about Angry Orchard’s new Rosé Cider, I really wanted to try it. Five days later, I finally got the chance; a friend of mine purchased a variety pack of ciders, and lo and behold, the newly acclaimed Rosé was in the pack. Read more...

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