Season kicks off with new ticket pack

The annual Hockey Season Kick-Off event, to commemorate the start of the Men's and Women’s Division 1 hockey seasons, will take place outside of the Union on Wednesday, September 18 at 1 pm. During the event, students will receive a ticket which dictates their place in line and are notified that they are to bring this ticket back at 2 pm when sales begin. While keeping the traditional option of a $74 season ticket, this year there is also the new Flex-Ticket Pack that allows students to purchase five tickets that may be used at any game for $20. This new option has been introduced to persuade those who may not want to commit to a season ticket into coming to some games, said Grand Marshal Meagan Lettko '20. Additionally, she says, this works well for students participating in the Arch that will not have the flexibility to go to every game but still may want to go to multiple hockey games. The men will play their first game, away, against University of Massachusetts on Friday, October 11. Their first home game will be Friday, October 18 against University of Connecticut. The women will start at home against Minnesota State University on Friday, September 25.