Panhellenic Council for Corrigan, Mahmoud

By The Panhellenic Council March 22, 2021

As active representatives of the Rensselaer Panhellenic community, the Panhellenic Council looks to support the candidates for each position that will understand, acknowledge, and uplift fraternity and sorority life on RPI’s campus. We seek representatives within Student Government who are willing to fight to keep fraternities and sororities at Rensselaer alive and as successful as possible.

After the General Body Meeting of the Panhellenic Council on March 10, the delegates voted to endorse the following candidates for the positions of Grand Marshal and President of the Union.

Grand Marshal: Colleen Corrigan

Corrigan has served on the Student Senate since 2018 as the senate parliamentarian and as Class of 2021 senator. She was elected vice grand marshal this past year and she is an experienced member of Rensselaer’s Student Government. Throughout her time as senator, Corrigan noticed the impact of her and her fellow senators’ decision to host student forums. By continuing to hold open forums and advocating for RPI’s students, this allows the student body to have a platform to express their opinions and concerns with decisions of campus administration and student government.

As a member of a sorority, Corrigan has experienced the triumphs and struggles of the fraternity and sorority community at RPI and made “Support for Greek Initiatives” one of her main platform focuses. She plans to push for the hiring of a Greek Dean after the hiring freeze ends, work with administrators to represent fraternity and sorority life on RPI’s campus fairly, and create a space within the Student Union to be accessible by all members of fraternities and sororities. Most importantly, Corrigan pledges to support the Panhellenic Council’s initiatives and provide our community with resources during her term as Grand Marshal.

Corrigan is the Panhellenic Council’s choice for Grand Marshal because we believe that she will effectively represent and support the Rensselaer Panhellenic community within the Union and across campus, helping to create a positive and welcoming environment for all students at Rensselaer.

President of the Union: Yaseen Mahmoud

Mahmoud has experience serving under the president of the Union, and he knows exactly what changes he’d like to make during his term as PU. His intent to implement the focal points of his platform into his presidency shows his tenacity to make a difference on RPI’s campus, especially after the last year we’ve all experienced in the COVID-19 pandemic. Mahmoud plans to keep us safe by working alongside different branches of Rensselaer’s Student Government to create a healthier and safer environment for all as campus reopens, and he has high hopes in working with RPI clubs to improve recruitment and retention, including possible resources for fraternity and sorority recruitment numbers. Mahmoud’s passion and commitment to student well-being across campus as well as his dedication to student organization advocacy and aid is why the Panhellenic Council believes he is a reliable candidate for the president of the Union.


Josie Moran

Rensselaer Panhellenic Council 2021 President

[Editor’s note]: This decision was voted on by Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Alpha Phi, Sigma Delta, and Pi Beta Phi. Additionally, any Greek members of The Poly were not a part of Panhel’s decision on who to endorse.