Panhellenic Council for Narayan, Choiniere, Lazaro

By The Panhellenic Council April 27, 2020

As the representatives of all sororities on the Rensselaer campus, the Panhellenic Council seeks student government candidates that understand the circumstances and issues pertaining to Greek life, as well as intend to further the interest of the Greek community.

After the general body meeting of the Panhellenic Council on March 4, the council delegates have voted to endorse the following candidates for the positions of grand marshal, president of the Union and undergraduate president:

Grand Marshal: Advaith Narayan

Through Narayan’s significant experience in Student Government and other organizations on campus, he has exhibited his dedication to the betterment of Greek life and student life alike. Throughout his time as the vice grand marshal, Narayan has overseen the senate committees and monitored petitions. He has also served several terms in the Senate, as a Class of 2021 senator and most recently as an independent senator. As a student who participated in [the] Arch, he plans to advocate for a better Arch experience with more resources on campus. He also has pledged to stand with Greek life throughout his term as grand marshal. He plans to work closely with the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council to identify and address the problems the Arch poses for Greek life. He also plans to push for the Good Samaritan Policy to be rewritten to better protect students and organizations. The Panhellenic Council supports Narayan in his campaign for grand marshal and believes he will effectively contribute to and advance Rensselaer’s Greek community and its goals, while creating an overall positive environment and culture for all Rensselaer students.

President of the Union: Anissa Choiniere

Through Choiniere’s various roles on the Union Executive Board, she has been able to work with several Union committees and work to improve the student experience for all Rensselaer students. As president of the Union, Choiniere hopes to increase meaningful diversity and inclusion on campus. She also hopes to work with the administration and alumni to restore a greater level of partnership and collaboration between students and the administration. Choiniere is also an active and committed member of Greek life. She has held multiple positions in her chapter as well as acting as a Panhellenic recruitment counselor. Choiniere’s commitment to Rensselaer’s Greek community, in combination with her substantial experience in Student Government and leadership, make her the Panhellenic Council’s president of the Union candidate of choice.

Undergraduate President: Evan Lazaro

Through Lazaro’s prior term as undergraduate president, he has formalized meeting structure, restructured the Undergraduate Council bylaws and defined a budget policy for class dues. He has been able to increase communication between the class councils. Lazaro also expressed interest in working with Greek life to co-sponsor events on campus. The Panhellenic Council is confident in Lazaro and his plans to strengthen the ties between the class councils and the Greek community.


Bryn Clarkson

Panhellenic Council President

[Editor’s Note]: This decision was voted on by Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Alpha Phi, and Pi Beta Phi. Additionally, any Greek members of The Poly were not apart of Panhel's decision on who to endorse.