Panhellenic Council for Gramenides, Corrigan, Massoni, Tischler

By The Panhellenic Council March 22, 2022

[Editor’s note]: This decision was voted on by Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Omega Epsilon, Alpha Phi, and Pi Beta Phi. Additionally, any Greek members of The Poly were not a part of Panhel’s decision on who to endorse.

As active representatives of the Rensselaer Panhellenic community, the Panhellenic Council looks to support the candidates for each position that will understand, acknowledge, and uplift fraternity and sorority life on RPI’s campus. We seek representatives within Student Government who are willing to fight to keep fraternities and sororities at Rensselaer alive and as successful as possible.

After the general body meeting of the Panhellenic Council on March 16, the Council delegates have determined to endorse the following candidates for the positions of Grand Marshal, President of the Union, Undergraduate President, and Panhellenic Senator:

Grand Marshal: Nicole Gramenides

Gramenides has served on the Student Senate from 2019-2021 as a class of 2023 Senator and later in 2021 as the Panhellenic Senator, providing her a breadth of experience in Rensselaer’s Student Government. During her time as both Class of 2023 Senator and Panhellenic Senator, Gramenides placed her energy in establishing what changes her constituents wished to see through surveying the student body so upon discussions with classmates, the Department of Public Safety, and other Senate officers she was able to present concerns to working groups with transparency and accuracy. She recognizes the need for consistent, efficient, and effective communication channels to support future advocacy for the student body and student organizations.

In addition to serving as the 2021 Panhellenic Senator, Gramenides has also contributed to the fraternity and sorority community through her leadership as the Panhellenic VP of Finance and Panhellenic Delegate and therefore has made “Supporting Greek Life” a primary platform focus. She plans to increase support for all Fraternity and Sorority Council initiatives through increasing communication between the councils and senate. This includes advocating for the reversion or change of standing processes and policies for the benefit and growth of the fraternity and sorority community.

Nicole Gramenides is the Panhellenic Council’s choice for Grand Marshal because we believe that she will sincerely and effectively represent and support the Rensselaer Panhellenic community within the Union and across campus, helping to create a safe, positive, and welcoming environment for all students at Rensselaer.

President of the Union: Colleen Corrigan

As Corrigan is currently serving on the Executive Board as VP of Board Operations and has history on the Student Senate as Vice Grand Marshal and Class of 2021 Senator, she has visibility into the goals and changes she would like to enact as President of the Union. She aims to address issues regarding club membership and operations through increased communication and utilization of Union spaces, which supports her mission of inclusion and accessibility. Additionally, Corrigan believes in building a stronger Union through increased collaboration across student organizations by enhancing existing communication channels to boost reach and impact. She puts forth that in ensuring the facilities within the Union are being utilized for maximum effect and impact, regions for the likes of mental health support and community-building spaces will be successfully allocated. Colleen Corrigan’s passion and commitment to community collaboration and inclusion, as well as her dedication to reevaluating current Union practices in the hopes to enact changes for increased efficiency and effectiveness, is why the Panhellenic Council believes she is a reliable candidate for the President of the Union.

Undergraduate President: Ria Massoni

Massoni is currently serving as the Class of 2024 President and previously acted as the Class of 2024 Vice President; thus, she has ample Student Government experience guiding her goals regarding advocacy, community building, and resource accessibility. As a member of the fraternity and sorority community and pillar in Student Government, Massoni has the visibility and understanding needed to advocate for student-governed organizations, providing them with the space to participate in discourse with the administration for continued relationship growth and development. Additionally, Massoni aims to create opportunities for all members of the undergraduate student population to come together through programming, events, and training of Class Councils and Class Leadership, which will allow for increased visibility of student organizations and their missions. Because of her interest in establishing effective communication channels for the purpose of advocacy and community engagement, as well as her drive to increase transparency measures, the Panhellenic Council believes she is a reliable candidate for Undergraduate President.

Panhellenic Senator: Hannah Tischler

Tischler has been serving as the interim 2021-2022 Panhellenic Senator, and in her short time as the role, she has already made motions to increase engagement and better relationships between the fraternity and sorority community and Student Government. Tischler sees her role as an opportunity to bridge student-governed organizations by advocating for increased mental health resources and operational support and representation for all fraternity and sorority councils. Additionally, Tischler plans to increase engagement between the fraternity and sorority councils and the rest of the student body through prioritizing visibility, emphasizing communication channels, and engagement through accessible events/offerings. For the aforementioned reasons, the Panhellenic Council believes she is a reliable candidate for Panhellenic Senator.


Wendy Matt

Rensselaer Panhellenic Council

2022 Interim President