Executive Board

RPI Fire Emblem Approved as new Union Club

The Union Executive Board approved RPI Fire Emblem as a Union-recognized club on Tuesday. Fire Emblem is a fantasy role-playing game which was first published in 1990 by Nintendo and has gone on to become a franchise with more than 16 games.

RPI Fire Emblem Club is a mostly discussion-based community centered around the Fire Emblem games. The RPI Fire Emblem Discord Server was created mid-September 2020 as a space for Fire Emblem-themed General Body meeting events like Fire Emblem Jeopardy, and streamed playthroughs. Since September, membership has grown to 65 members. Vice President Emily McNee ’24 stated, “We’re trying to establish it as a more serious venture… I think the amount of work that this has required and the level of attendance …[is] very much more attuned to something of a club than just a simple Discord server where we chat.”

The Fire Emblem Club hopes to benefit from the interactive elements of the game when they are able to play in person. McNee continued, “There [are] certain games that could be more interactive, and are attuned more to an in-person environment, when the time comes.” McNee added, “Fire Emblem is typically seen as such a niche genre, so this provides a really great opportunity for creating a community that I know at least I didn’t have an opportunity as much to engage with, especially with peers in college, or even in high school.” Though the club has members of all class years, the club is mostly freshmen.

The E-Board approved the motion 11–0–1, officially making RPI Fire Emblem a Union recognized club.