Executive Board

RPI Pep Band reallocates travel funds for new music

The Union Executive Board passed motions on February 23 to allow the RPI Pep Band to purchase new sheet music and to keep the outer Union doors open during shuttle hours. They also approved the appointment of Joe Mampilil ’22 to Club Operations Chairperson.

Though the RPI Pep Band has not been able to rehearse in person during the pandemic, members have continued practicing individually. They regularly purchase four new songs each year. This year, they wanted to use the funds usually set aside for travel expenses to purchase the sheet music for 34 new songs.

According to Pep Band Executive Manager Colin McMaster ’22, most of the songs they currently have, while contemporary when purchased, are now older. “With these new updated songs,” he says, “we can be more of a pep band. We can be more relevant instead of playing the same classics every event… There are becoming fewer and fewer members who actually know what they are and recognize the songs.” He thinks the Pep Band needs more current material to be “the pep band that people want to hear.” Associate conductor Justin Hubbard ’22 adds that the songs will help boost morale while members are practicing individually. “We’ve noticed some drop of interest in the club because we can’t play music. That’s the whole reason everyone comes.” He thinks new music has the potential to “help bring everyone back together into the big family of Pep Band that we typically are.” He also hopes that having this music sooner rather than later will allow the band to be ready if and when performance events resume.

The E-Board approved their request to reallocate $2,108 from travel to sheet music 7-3-1. Some members voiced concern at the large cost, stating that it would set a precedent for other clubs to use large amounts of money to stock up on equipment they didn’t really need.

The outer doors of the Union lobby, next to the shuttle stop, known as the Union Horseshoe, are usually left locked outside of the Union hours. The E-Board approved a motion 10-0-0 to leave these doors open during shuttle hours, even when the Union is closed. This will allow students waiting for the shuttle to shelter in the area between inner and outer doors, especially in case of inclement weather. The inner doors will remain locked. The necessary changes to the door hardware are still being investigated, but it is agreed that the vestibule will be open.

At the end of the meeting, Joe Mampalil’s appointment as the new Club Operations Chairperson was approved 9-0-0.