Student Senate

Senate confirms Rhea Banerjee as Undergraduate Council President

The Student Senate confirmed the appointment of Rhea Banerjee ’22 as the new Undergraduate Council President on January 27. Banerjee is succeeding Evan Lazaro, who graduated last semester. This follows from Scott Schwartz ’23 stepping down from his position as the Undergraduate Council Vice President.

During her confirmation hearing, Banerjee announced some of her upcoming plans for a “Spring Week”—a week without assignments or exams—and her goal to increase UC’s presence. While “Spring Week” is not a replacement for Spring Break, Banerjee hopes students on and off-campus can “look forward to [Spring Week] as a way to remember that we would’ve had Spring Break during this time and we should still keep our hopes high.” Regarding UC engagement with the rest of the student body, Banerjee expressed that, “a lot of people don’t know what UC is, so I’d definitely like to increase UC’s presence in general, and just continue to keep students engaged.”