Student Life

On-campus students to move out of residence halls before Thanksgiving

Due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, all on-campus students must move out of campus housing by November 22, before this year’s Thanksgiving break. On November 11, the Office of Student Living and Learning sent out an email to all students living on-campus informing them about the mandated move out, one and a half weeks before students are required to move out, and less than a week before students must finalize plans.

The email highlighted several important dates for students to be aware of. November 16 to 20 marks the final week for COVID-19 testing. November 20 marks the last day of in-person instruction. On November 22, all residential halls close and, at 4:00 PM, card access to residential halls is removed.

As normal, students who test positive during COVID testing this week will be directed to isolation housing, reported to the New York State Department of Health, and required to isolate on campus for 14 days unless otherwise directed by Executive Director of the Health Center Dr. Leslie Lawrence in accordance with New York State guidelines. Individuals identified as close contacts of someone who tested positive will also be quarantined on campus for 14 days. If the isolation or quarantine period extends past or on November 25, the student will pay $75/day.

Everyone who has lived on-campus this semester must fill out the move-out form by November 16. If a student fails to fill this out, a $150 improper check-out fee will be charged. This also applies to students who have moved out before this date. If a student requires an extension to move out of their residence hall or wishes to stay on campus during the interim, these forms will be reviewed and returned to students by November 18 at 5:00 pm. Students who cannot travel home for break must have filled out the Winter Break Housing form by November 16 at 8:00 am.

For students staying on-campus over winter, the cost of housing and dining for the duration of the break will be $3,950 and a relocation to another residence hall will likely be required.

During move-out, a one hour period is allotted for a student and one guest to move out their pre-packed belongings. Before leaving, students should fill out the Fall Checkpoint sheet that their residence assistance should have posted on their doors, remove all trash and belongings from the room, clean the room, ensure that the heating is on, and lock all windows and doors. If a student lives more than 10 hours away, students can leave their belongings on-campus if they pack and label it, however, to do this, a student must indicate this on the online move-out form.

For students going home during the break, they must do the following: 1) Fill out the move-out form, 2) Get tested on the scheduled time block 24 to 72 hours before departure), 3) Move out, and 4) Return the dorm room key in a key return envelope to the Office of Student Living and Learning either in person or at the drop box located in the vestibule.