Executive Board

Fishing Club becomes Union recognized

Three funding requests approved in 30 minutes

During the Executive Board meeting on Thursday, the RPI Tennis Club, RPI Fishing Club, and the Multicultural Leadership Council all had their requests for additional funding approved.

The Fishing Club, represented by its president Aaron Prince '20, requested a starter budget of $115 for supplies such as rods and tackle. The fishing club attracted 65 students at the Activities Fair and waited the required three-month period for new clubs before they were allowed to request funds. This request was made so that new members could borrow supplies during fishing trip events. Class Representative Iris Erlanger '20 asked if the club had a vendor in mind for their supplies, and graduate student Erim Yanik expressed concern about safety equipment. Prince explained that the club will be getting their supplies from Field and Stream. President of the Union Caitlin Kennedy '20 noted that each club is designated a first aid kit from the Mueller Center.

A motion was then presented to allocate the starter budget of $115 to the Fishing Club. After Prince spoke about the diligence of the club officers and the increasing activity of members, the motion was passed 17-0-2.

The RPI Tennis Club also requested money "for the use of vans" in order to transport their members to and from matches. The motion to allocate $290 towards a van for the club was approved 18-0-0. However, the club would have to present their case in front of the Executive Board again if they happened to exceed this allotted amount.

The final request of the meeting came from the Multicultural Leadership Council, represented by Vice President for Rules and Special Projects Dragana Dragutinovic '20. This committee became a permanent fixture of the Executive Board last year, but does not currently have a budget. The Council requested $75 per meeting for their monthly "Multicultural Roundtables," which is a meeting of cultural club representatives for them to discuss club updates and events. The budget would fund seven of these meetings, and the amount totals $525. The motion to approve the request passed 20-0-0.

The Executive Board meets on Thursdays at 7 pm in the Shelnutt Gallery.