February 2021

Student Senate

Senate recognizes Arch away students as Union members

By Medhini Mankale February 28, 2021

The Student Senate passed a motion to recognize students participating in their Arch semester away as Union members on February 17. This recognition allows students who are away on Arch to vote during the GM Week elections and hold club leadership positions, which only Rensselaer Union members are permitted to partake in.


RPI's policies are a recipe for burnout

By Medhini Mankale February 27, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic and no Spring Break this semester, Senior Managing Editor Medhini Mankale ’23 suggests policies for the Institute to implement to prevent student burnout.


Making the most of your time at RPI

By Anissa Choiniere February 24, 2021

President of the Union Anissa Choiniere ’21 encourages students to find and make a home at Rensselaer through campus clubs and organizations.


RPI cases explode as national rates decline

By Leah Sweeney February 24, 2021

In an email to the Rensselaer community today, Executive Director of the Health Center Dr. Leslie Lawrence reported that “We have had 15 cases in the past seven days. At this pace, we will soon reach Trigger Level 1, unless something changes dramatically.” Trigger Level 1 requires a two week lockdown and will be instituted when there are over 30 confirmed COVID-19 cases within a rolling two-week period, according to the University Pandemic Protocols.

Top Hat

Arch Away Union Membership

By Advaith Narayan February 23, 2021

Last week, the Student Senate passed a resolution that recognized Arch students as Activity Fee-paying members of the Union provided that they pay the activity fee over the summer and the semester opposing their Away semester. Grand Marshal Advaith Narayan ’21 provides more details in this Top Hat.

Editor's Corner

Big shoes to fill

By Sarah Shiang February 21, 2021

“The summer before I started at Rensselaer, I read as many Poly articles as I could. I was eager to start college, and knew that I wanted to continue my passion for journalism. Even though I wasn’t sure what the next three years would entail, The Poly would be part of them,” writes Editor-in-Chief Sarah Shiang ’23, reflecting on her experience writing for The Poly.

Top Hat

Improving mental health together

By Advaith Narayan February 20, 2021

Grand Marshal Advaith Narayan ’21 explains an initiative to improve mental health on campus, emphasizing preventative and responsive measures.

Executive Board

Executive Board votes to reduce Union operating hours

By Richard Gonzalez February 14, 2021

The Rensselaer Union Executive Board voted to reduce Union building hours to ease the burden on staff until student building managers are approved by the Institute.

Executive Board

New appointments to the E-Board, Mueller Center

By Dylan Le February 13, 2021

During the Executive Board meeting on January 26, Siddhi Balamurali ’23 stepped down as Executive Board Secretary, and Mia Lin ’23 was unanimously appointed as Club Operations Committee Chair to replace Cassidy Schultz ’21. Dr. Potts stated that the Mueller Center will not be opening along with the Union.


Explore RPI Clubs at Spring Open House

By Anissa Choiniere February 13, 2021

President of the Union Anissa Choiniere ’21 provides details about the upcoming Virtual Open House during which students can explore new clubs and organizations.

Top Hat

Embracing principles of shared governance

By Advaith Narayan February 11, 2021

Grand Marshal Advaith Narayan '21 embraces principles of shared governance and collaborations that have led to positive changes for the Rensselaer community.

Student Senate

Senate confirms Rhea Banerjee as Undergraduate Council President

By Dylan Le February 9, 2021

The Student Senate confirmed the appointment of Rhea Banerjee ’22 as the new Undergraduate Council President on January 27. Banerjee is succeeding Evan Lazaro, who graduated last semester. This follows from Scott Schwartz ’23 stepping down from his position as the Undergraduate Council Vice President.