Taking part in two traditions at Rensselaer

Hello everyone, and congratulations on surviving your first few days of classes. I hope that they are off to a good start, and wish everyone the best of luck as classes begin to ramp up. This week marked the beginning of two very important occasions on campus: Hockey Line and Greek recruitment.

Hockey Line is a tradition that spans back decades (we’re currently in our fifth!), stemming from when hockey season tickets were first sold in the Union. In the early days of this longstanding tradition, students would line up to be able to have first pick for season tickets to RPI hockey games. As one can imagine, getting that coveted first selection for season tickets has been a point of contention since its conception. What started as an organic event soon became a hallmark of the Rensselaer Union, Red Army, and RPI hockey fans everywhere. Each year, this week-long event ends in a festival that marks the unofficial beginning of the season.

This year, Hockey Line’s final event, and the culmination of the festivities will take place today, where Red Army will host an annual cookout, with a speech from Grand Marshal Justin Etzine and performances from multiple Union music groups. I would like to invite you all out tonight to help us celebrate one of the largest campus events of the year.

Even if hockey isn’t your favorite sport, I encourage you all to attend the event and check out all that’s going on. This is one of the first major, campuswide, Union-sponsored events of the year and the more students that participate, the better.

The second major event that began last weekend was Greek recruitment. The Interfraternity Council kicked off the fall recruitment period with a “Meet the Greeks” event, and since then, the organizations that over 30 percent of campus claim membership to have been in full swing. There are events every day of the week at any of our 29 fraternities, so there’s something for everyone on campus. I encourage you all to go and check out a rush event or two. Even if you have no intention of going Greek now, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find. I, myself, am Greek, and I never thought I would be Greek when I got to campus. But I approached rush with an open mind and found my home, both physically and metaphorically.

You can find a calendar of events on the Interfraternity website at Recruitment ends soon though, so if you have any interest, I would suggest going as soon as you can! For the female members of our community who may be interested in joining one of our fine sororities, the Rensselaer Panhellenic Association recruitment will begin Thursday, September 14. You can sign up for recruitment at I’d like to also quickly recognize Rachel Blacker ’18 and Vignesh Babu ’19, the vice presidents for recruitment, and Jamie Reynolds ’18 and Marvin Cosare ’18, the presidents of the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils, respectively, for all of their hard work in setting up these events and for overseeing their success this semester!

Thanks everybody, and as always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email, or stop by my office in the Student Government Suite on the third floor of the Union for my office hours on Tuesday mornings from 10 am–12 pm!