E-Board approves pharmacy delivery service

On Thursday, September 7, 2017, the Rensselaer Union Executive Board held its first meeting of the Fall semester. The E-Board discussed proposals related to an on-campus pharmacy, RPI Ballroom Dance, UPAC Sound, and Rensselaer Outing Club.

Associate Director of Procurement Services Rachael Capo and Executive Director of the Health Center Leslie Lawrence presented an update on bringing a pharmacy to Rensselaer’s campus.

In response to student demand, the Student Senate began investigating how to provide an on-campus pharmacy service and brought the idea to Procurement Services years ago. Presented with this idea, Procurement Services began researching the best way for RPI to provide a pharmacy service, and has narrowed it down to one primary choice: Marra’s Pharmacy.

The outline of the service that Marra’s aims to provide places an emphasis on directly connecting with the students through, for example, text messages, instead of through the Health Center. They plan to deliver prescriptions to a central location on campus, which will be a room in one of the Union’s facilities. As Marra’s would bring in the prescriptions whenever they are scheduled to be on campus, and since all they would require is a table and chair, they could tear everything down before they leave, and the room could be used for other purposes outside of pharmacy hours.

Capo said that Marra’s hours could be flexible and adjusted to the demands of the students. For instance, they could initially start with a service that delivers to campus on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, due to each day usually having a different class schedule. If this proves to be inconvenient, Procurement Services would work with Marra’s to determine other times that prescriptions could be brought to campus.

Representative David Raab ’19 asked why the plan is to have Marra’s deliver to the Union rather than the Health Center. President of the Union Matthew Rand ’19 said that it should be in the Union since it is a student-demanded and -initiated project. Additionally, Lawrence said that space in the Health Center is at a premium, and it is unlikely that they would be able to find a room that Marra’s could use. Also, the Union is open later than the Health Center, which closes at 5 pm on weekdays, leaving open the possibility of evening pharmacy hours.

Ultimately, the E-Board voted 18–0–0 to allow a prescription delivery service in a Union facility.

The E-Board unanimously approved RPI Ballroom Dance’s requested reallocations in order to cover a lack of participation in their Argentine tango branch, along with increased dues and 1000 pages of color printing.

UPAC Sound was seeking approval for bylaws changes, such as adding a webmaster and only requiring a two-thirds vote by their voting members to change their bylaws. Rand ruled the motion out of order due to confusion over how the changes might affect bylaws ratification in the future.

In the president’s report, Rand noted that the RPI Badminton Club’s operations have been suspended until September 17 due to members of the club entering an RPI building without proper supervision. Specific officers are suspended until October 2. Rand does not plan to bring the matter to the dean of students.

Steve Allard, director of the Mueller Center, shared that the search for an assistant director of the Mueller Center is nearing its end. Four candidates have been interviewed by a panel of 20 people, of which eight or nine are students, according to Allard.

At this point, the E-Board voted unanimously to close the meeting to the public. During this section, they voted 18–0–0 to approve a motion to suspend operations of the Rensselaer Outing Club if any alcohol is found or “unsafe activity is happening as determined by certified Union staff members” during their Fall Lake George Trip. On Monday, this trip was canceled by the Outing Club, which cited “concerns from the Executive Board of the Union and Mueller Center employees about the risk and liability” of the event. Additionally, the E-Board voted 18–0–0 to place the Outing Club on probation.

The E-Board will meet on Thursday at 8 pm in the Shellnut Gallery.