Oh Wonder brings emotion with Ultralife

OH WONDER’S NEW ALBUM FOCUSES on songs that exhibit emotions, creating music that conveys good vibes, whether it be slow introspective music or upbeat positive bangers.

Once I heard the new Oh Wonder song “Ultralife,” I looked it up to find out about it; to my surprise it is part of the new album Ultralife, released in mid-July of this year. The alternative-pop duo consists of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West. Their music is relaxing and extremely catchy—it’s great for trying to get your mind off school, falling asleep, going on a light run, or playing in the background when chilling with friends. Their new album has songs a bit more upbeat than their first and only other album, Oh Wonder.

The album Ultralife makes the listener explore life in a different sense; the beauty and simplicity of life is interpreted in the lyrics and rhythms of the songs. The song that speaks out the most to me is “Waste.” It’s a slower song but has a deeper meaning, found in a chorus that repeats a bunch of times—“what a waste to be so alone.” It examines the positives of memories and the negatives that have spawned from a situation. These thoughts can really suck, and we can ponder them indefinitely. The song gradually picks up and then gives out abruptly, ending the entire album.

“High on Humans” puts me in another universe where you’re going on a ride with the song, up and down. You’re on an adventure finding out about other humans, and questioning what’s around you. “We ride up, we slide up, we won’t stop lighting our minds up,” is a chain of events in exploring life and humanity.

Many of the songs examine the lows of life, but bring hope that everything will be okay, as seen in the song “Slip Away.” The phrase “Oh my, my, my; Oh how I tried” is so prevalent and demonstrates that even though we may keep trying, we might still never get what we want. As sad as it is, we have to keep going. It’s part of life—ultralife.

This album brings forth good times, sad after-thoughts, and hope, and for this reason, it is a fantastic. Be prepared for the mixed emotions that Oh Wonder’s music will bring to you.