WRPI shows CD, vinyl collection, entertains

WRPI hosted an event on August 27, to show the incoming freshmen how to run a radio show. They spent the morning recording music and learning about the technical side of running a radio show. Later in the day, they went on a tour of the studio. The freshmen taking part in this experience were excited about the fact that they had the opportunity to actually express their talents and record music.

WRPI Business Manager LC Hines ’20 emphasized the importance of the radio show. Hines stated that the most important part of hosting a radio show is “that feeling that you’re connecting with your listeners.” Hines also provided examples of when he felt that connection. One of those was with an English teacher at Troy High School, who listens to the radio show during their classes. Hines also passionately described the importance of music, stating that “music is one of the most powerful creative mediums we have today.”

During the tour, students learned about the history of WRPI. The radio show started as a club in the 20s, where participants would tinker with ham radios in the RPI Playhouse. The club later moved into the basement of the Darrin Communications Center in 70s, where the modern WRPI radio show was started.

Students also got to see the extensive collection of vinyl records and CDs. The collection is entirely made up of donations from WRPI members, alumni, and music distributors. New records and discs are being added all the time, and the club is working on ways to maintain the ever-growing collection.

The members of WRPI are excited for the incoming freshman class. Their talent for show hosting and music will bring new visions and ideas to the radio show. There is an opportunity for everyone, freshmen or not, to get involved and make an impact on the radio show.

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