Looking forward to living without glasses

I remember the first time I thought I needed glasses. I was a senior in high school in my chemistry class and I had to move up to the front of the class to see the board. I told my parents about it but they thought I was joking with them at first, because I had never complained about it before. I reiterated I was serious and then I got an appointment with an optometrist.

On the way to the appointment, my mom was testing my vision to gauge it herself. The story she always tells is that we were looking for the building where my appointment was and my sister was the first one to see the sign on the building. She pointed to it and my mom looked and saw it, but all I saw was a blur of red where the sign was. Well, it turns out I was just below the cutoff for not being able to legally drive.

I got set up with contacts and glasses that I was to wear over the contacts, as a counteractive measure to not mess with my close-up vision. I wore these for three years. It was definitely nice to be able to see, but having to take care of the contacts and glasses was slightly annoying.

My mom then asked if I wanted LASIK eye surgery so I didn’t have to deal with that anymore. I thought it was a good idea and I had it performed this past summer. The surgery was easy—getting my wisdom teeth taken out was worse—and I could tell it had worked about an hour after the surgery had finished. During my post-op checkup I told my doctor that I thought I could see better now than even with glasses. We did the eye test and I have almost 20/10 vision now.

It has been two months since the surgery and I’ve developed a bit of a dry eye, which I combat by putting in eye drops about three to four times a day. Additionally, my eyes are more sensitive to light, but it doesn’t affect me much. All in all, I am happy with my decision to have the surgery, and I am not looking forward to when I hit my 40s and have to go back to using glasses.