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Full Issue: May 4, 2016

The Rensselaer Polytechnic May 4, 2016

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Dr. Ross discusses his future plans

Plans for increased communication revealed, new off-campus programs

On April 7th, The Poly had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Frank E. Ross, the Vice President of Student Life. The interview was held in regards to the restructuring of the Student Life portfolio, and other topics that concerned campus. The interview began with an explanation of what Clustered Learning Advocacy and Support for Students meant to Dr. Ross. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

Saying goodbye for the sake of improving yourself

Oftentimes, on this long road of life, we forget where we’re going. The trees that you pass don’t look welcoming anymore. Your feet may be dragging as you will yourself to keep going—there has to be something at the end of it all. We, as a people, have entrenched ourselves in a “light at the end of the tunnel” philosophy. We feel obligated to finish things we never had to begin in the first place. And when we do realize that it’s not the path we thought we started down—the street signs were just a little jumbled up—those around us rush in and reassure us that it will all get better, we just have to keep going. Read more...

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EDM pair brings house music to ECAV

On April 27, 2016, The Chainsmokers and Kip Chapman performed at East Campus Arena, hosted by UPAC Concerts. Read more...

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RPI goes 3-1 against Vassar College Brewers

The Engineers played a whopping six games this past week, going 3-3 overall. Earlier in the week, Rensselaer faced Williams College and Western New England University, losing 4-0 and 4-1, respectively. Then, this past weekend baseball played a pair of doubleheaders against Vassar College, splitting Saturday’s games with a 4-0 win and 5-1 loss, and sweeping Sunday’s games with 10-1 and 6-0 wins. Read more...

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New leaders voted in, E-Board bylaws reviewed

The 47th Student Senate met for the first time on Thursday, April 28 to begin necessary appointments and handle business that the 46th Senate was unable to finish before the end of their term. Read more...

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Editorial Notebook

Pushing for transparency for student government

Throughout my time on the Student Senate, I have heard students make the valid complaint of a lack of transparency within student government at RPI. The issue of transparency has served as a hallmark issue of campaign platforms and debate questions, and it continues to be one of the first issues students raise with our current student government. Read more...

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RPI students demonstrated talents for art

Numerous fun activities and excellent performances during event brought students together

On Friday evening, the Rensselaer Union was filled with students enjoying many activities and events as part of the semesterly Union After Dark event. Performances were put on by clubs such as Juggling Club, Sheer Idiocy, the Eighth Wonder, Capoeira, and the Ballroom Dance Club. Music was provided by Joey Lucier, In Ashes, Dahaq Music, and Monsters in the Attic. Face painting, board games, and caricaturization took place throughout the Union. Candy—both normal and cotton—popcorn, and pizza found their ways into the digestive tracts of many event attendees. Other clubs, namely UPAC Lights and UPAC Sound, played supporting roles in the festivities. Read more...

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Men triumph in 18-12 victory over Clarkson

RPI men’s lacrosse took care of business early against Clarkson University on Saturday, scoring 17 of the game’s first 21 goals en-route to an 18-12 win over the Golden Knights. Read more...

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New McNeil Room seating discussed

President of the Union Chip Kirchner ’17 held a meeting with the old members of the Executive Board to continue with ongoing business. Read more...

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Ending the year with a fresh set of E-Board members

Hey RPI!

I hope everyone is surviving the project and exam rush of these last few weeks. Only one more week of classes separates us from a long overdue summer break. I for one cannot wait to take a few weeks off. I also want to congratulate all who will graduate in three and a half weeks, and I wish you good luck in your future careers. Read more...

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Original book thrills reviewer, surprises

Gone Girl makes readers' teeth chatter by displaying Amy's ridiculously deliberate crime

Released in June of 2012, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl reached critical acclaim and a number one spot on the New York Times Best Seller List within its first few months on shelves. The book comes as Flynn’s third, and nearly two million copies were printed within the first year of publication. Critics were widely impressed with the way that the novel seemed to transcend the lines of a given genre; Gone Girl is a twisted amalgamation of romance, crime, and thrill set to Flynn’s carefully emotional prose. The New Yorker described the book as “full of texture and detail, both forensic and psychological.” Read more...

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Engineers win one, lose one against Skidmore College

Rensselaer rises to 27-8 record as the playoffs approach

The softball team travelled north to Skidmore College this Saturday for their last regular season doubleheader. The Engineers broke even, winning 15-3 for the first game and losing 6-5 for the second. Read more...

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In memory of Mark Smith

The Poly Editorial Board was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of former Dean of Students Mark Smith. Dean Smith served the Rensselaer community for 30 years in a number of roles, where he always ensured that students were his highest priority in every situation. We are grateful to Dean Smith for his contributions to RPI and, in particular, the students of RPI. Read more...

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RPI Flying Club hosts successful memorial fly-in

For the fifth year in a row, the RPI Flying Club hosted a successful Thiers Memorial Fly-in and Car Show at the Empire State Aerosciences Museum in Schenectady, N.Y. Saturday. Each year, the show draws dozens of aircraft, hundreds of show cars, and thousands of visitors. Donations collected at this event benefit the club’s Lawrence H.R. Thiers Fund, which is a fund established in memory of former club president Lawrence Thiers ’99, who passed away the day before his graduation in 1999. This fund is essential to the club, as it provides opportunities for the club to explore aviation and funding for ground school for members working towards their private pilot’s licenses, introductory flights in airplanes and helicopters, and the club’s NIFA SAFECON team, which competes annually in collegiate flying competitions. Read more...

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Engineers struggle at Capital District Classic

A collection of 13 schools from all three NCAA division classifications gathered at Harkness Track & Field on Saturday to demonstrate their talents at the Capital District Classic. Their final meet before the state championship, the Engineers put forth seven second place finishes and ten third place finishes in the non-scoring meet. Read more...

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Listening in on the sounds of Rensselaer

I’m Bryce Miller, and if you are a regular reader of The Poly, you might have some idea of my long-running exploits as a performer, between my eight Players acting roles, my two years in Partial Credit, and more recently, my twice-weekly podcast. (I am told I even have some kind of “fan club” within this paper). By the time this article has reached your eyeholes, I will be partway through my final production with the RPI Players: The Mystery of Edwin Drood. As far as lasts go, this is an intriguing one: Drood is a musical with an incomplete story, and by making assumptions about the plot threads provided, the audience is charged with making their own conclusions. While I will undoubtedly miss Players, and the talented people who make up its ranks, you didn’t come here for a sappy editorial about the things I can’t replace, and frankly, I don’t want to write such an article. Instead, I want to talk about assumptions and a logical fallacy: the fallacy of composition. As Drood tells us, “Quick conclusions often lead the best of us astray,” and the fallacy of composition is all about quick conclusions. It’s something that any RPI student has probably encountered, and it might have gone something like this: Read more...

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GM honors losses in RPI community

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a lot of losses in the Rensselaer community. Michele Edwards was one of the most welcoming people at the school and always willing to help out with things. I remember last year when I was R&E chair she spent most of a day trying to help me track down whether it was actually possible to find a few thousand mason jar lids in a few days for the runoff elections (turns out it wasn’t). Read more...

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