Ending the year with a fresh set of E-Board members

Hey RPI!

I hope everyone is surviving the project and exam rush of these last few weeks. Only one more week of classes separates us from a long overdue summer break. I for one cannot wait to take a few weeks off. I also want to congratulate all who will graduate in three and a half weeks, and I wish you good luck in your future careers.

This past week I interviewed over thirty candidates for next year’s Executive Board. There was an extremely talented group of applicants this year which made making decisions as to who I would recommend for the Board pretty difficult. Reiterating some information from my Derby last week, I select 17 members of the Executive Board; one from each undergraduate class year, a graduate student, seven who represent clubs within the Union, and five members at large. However, I have only selected 15 seats to be appointed this week in order to save space for the incoming freshman class. Each candidate I have chosen brings a unique perspective to the Executive Board and is an essential piece to creating an effective team. I look forward to working with them all during the upcoming year.

Since this is my last Derby of the year I also wanted to give you some information on how the Executive Board prepares for the year prior to the start of the Fall semester. Each year all members of the Executive Board go through training in all things Rensselaer Union. For two full days before classes start the Board will be undergoing and intensive amount of training related to Union operations, finances, and procedures. During that same training all members also undergo leadership and team training with the help of the Archer Center in order to ensure we operate as an effective and cohesive team. But the training doesn’t end here. Even after the intense two day training at the start of the semester, E-Board members will be attending training with the Student Activity Resource Persons of the clubs they represent. But wait, there’s more! E-Board reps also devote time to sitting down with club leaders to learn from them just what their clubs need and how E-Board representatives fit into club operation. When all is said and done every member of the Board will be an expert, regardless of their background or experience in the Union.

On an unrelated note, UPAC Concerts, in collaboration with the class councils and the Union 125th Anniversary Committee, hosted the Chainsmokers on Wednesday at ECAV. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone involved in making this possible and for all of the hard work they poured into its success. Special shout-out to Andres Zourelli, Catherine Koumas, Belvia Huo, and Paolo Hockenmaier as well as Amy Corron, Cameron McLean and the entire admin staff in the Union for their work.

Thanks for a great year. Let’s make the next one even better.