GM honors losses in RPI community

Over the past few weeks we’ve had a lot of losses in the Rensselaer community. Michele Edwards was one of the most welcoming people at the school and always willing to help out with things. I remember last year when I was R&E chair she spent most of a day trying to help me track down whether it was actually possible to find a few thousand mason jar lids in a few days for the runoff elections (turns out it wasn’t).

Former Dean of Students Mark Smith was one of the first administrators I was in meetings with and that I got experience forming a partnership with at RPI. From project meetings to running Judicial Board case hearings, he was always patient and willing to work with us, even if it meant coming to campus early in the morning on the weekend. His willingness to work with us and take our ideas seriously, while still acknowledging my ‘way with words,’ was one of the things that led to me growing into the person I am today. I know both will be greatly missed by myself and others in the Rensselaer community.

The unique ability of students at Rensselaer to change the world around us in different ways is one thing many administrators, alumni, faculty, and current students take a great deal of pride in. We’re one of few schools who lets the students redesign our class ring annually and take the large role that we do in planning events like our Senior Week. UPAC Concerts just hosted a successful concert with The Chainsmokers, one of the biggest acts in EDM (who are both pretty nice guys), partnering with the Institute and other parts of the Rensselaer Union to bring them to campus in an entertaining show which took place in East Campus Athletic Village. Over the past weeks, I’ve met with interesting and dedicated students while holding interviews for senate officer positions. Some decisions between applicants have been hard, since there really wasn’t a ‘wrong choice’ in several situations. I’m going to be surrounded by an extremely motivated and qualified team next year in the Student Senate’s leadership. The Senate’s committees itself, rather than our General Body Meetings, are where we get most of our work done. We work on projects, plan meetings with faculty and administrators, collaborate with other student groups, and form successful teams and partnerships in these smaller working groups. Each is focused on a different aspect of Rensselaer, ranging from academics to facilities and much more. If you’re a student who has a passion for something you’d like to see changed on campus, or would like to get involved, these committees are the perfect place to start. If you’d like more information about them, please reach out to me at, tweet at @rpigm, or drop by my office on the third floor of the Union building.

Hope the end of your semester goes well, and go Red!