E-Board discusses equipment, capsules

E-BOARD REPRESENTATIVES CONSIDER possible locations for the missing lighting equipment.

The Rensselaer Union Executive Board met for the first time this semester last Thursday to discuss Union Performance and Activities Committee Lights and extra money from the dues of the Class of 2015.

The first agenda item was one that Nick Dvorak ’16 brought to the E-Board. At the end of the last semester, UPAC Lights ordered new cable ramps which protect the large wires from foot and vehicle traffic. Because UPAC Lights orders equipment frequently throughout the year, different members often go to pick it up from Martha Mcelligott’s office, where the packages are delivered. For this particular shipment, someone not from UPAC Lights went into the office and took the equipment without signing out the package. Alex Kelleher ’17, the equipment chair for UPAC Lights, said he asked other equipment-heavy clubs, like RPI TV, WRPI, and the other UPAC groups if they had mistakenly took their package to no avail.

Jeremy Feldman ’16 asked if the $510 needed to purchase new cable ramps would come from contingencies or UPAC’s budget. Kelleher said he would like it to come from contingencies. Gregory Bartell ’17 made the point that up until the shipment is in the hands of a club member, it is the Union’s responsibility to store and protect it. Shannon McComb ’18 asked how a situation like this could be prevented in the future. Kelleher suggested creating an approved list of officers who would be the only ones allowed to collect packages. Ines Roman ’16 suggested that clubs should not be permitted to order items over the summer, when fewer people are around to notice someone out of place. Conrad Mossl ’17 asked about the scenario where the old set of ramps is found after purchasing a new set, but Kelleher felt it was unlikely the old set would be found; the E-Board felt they would deal with that situation if it arose. In the end the E-Board passed a motion 14-0-1 to spend $510 from contingencies to purchase new cable ramps for UPAC Lights.

Next on the agenda was a proposal from the previous President of the Union Erin Amarello ’15. The Class of 2015 has $2200 dollars remaining from their class dues. As an alumni officer, Amarello suggested that they buy a time capsule and put it on display in the Union and was seeking E-Board approval. Feldman pointed out that since the dues were levied by the Class of 2015, it makes sense that they should be put to use for what the Class of 2015 sees fit. Mossl felt like a time capsule is too close to a class gift, and reminded the E-Board that the dues are meant to be used on activities for the class. Andrew Sudano ’17 suggested that the discussion be tabled for the time being, and that the Class of 2015 would need to submit a more concrete proposal to review before proceeding. The rest of the E-Board agreed.

Committee reports reminded members of meeting times and encouraged E-Board members and students to participate. With that, the first E-Board meeting of the semester came to a close.