Change starts with you

Comments, concerns, questions seriously wanted

Hello RPI Students,

The Student Senate is hard at work to ensure that you have the best possible experience here at Rensselaer. However, at the end of the day, we are all students, and have our limitations. This may be ridiculously cliché considering Troy is the Home of Uncle Sam, but the student body needs YOU!

Over the past few weeks, and the end of the last semester, we have begun work on many student projects and addressing future changes to the Institute, such as the Summer Arch. We have seen that many students have concerns, suggestions, and requests regarding the issue, and that’s why I want those same people to be the ones we interact with on a regular basis. Feel free to come to my office, talk with us when we are gathered for our meetings, and help us voice the sentiments of the student body. You are the most vital part of this machine, and nobody’s perspective on this is the same as yours.

The specific areas we would like assistance in are: Community Outreach Committee, Academic Affairs Committee (which will be heavily involved in the work on Summer Arch), and our Web Technologies Group. The Community Outreach Committee will be working on involvement with the communities around us, including the University of Albany, Russell Sage College, and more. Please contact me with any questions you have regarding any of these issues. The Summer Arch is my top priority for this school year, and will have my full attention. As always, the Student Senate meets at 7 pm in the Shellnut Gallery on Tuesdays. This week we’ll have discussed the Summer Arch and the handbook for the Freshman elections. If you want to stop by my office, I’m usually in the office most of Tuesdays, especially after 2 pm, as well as Wednesdays and Fridays.

On September 8, the Senate discussed two petitions by students: a petition to have locked tuition at Rensselaer and a petition to allow the use of preferred names at Rensselaer. For the first petition, we postponed addressing it until we presented more concrete data, in order to make a more informed decision. As for allowing the use of preferred names, we unanimously agreed to work on this through the combined efforts of RPI TRANS and the Senate’s Student Life Committee. These are ideas from students, for students, and ultimately investigated by students. If you have an idea, share it on our petition website at, or talk to a member of the Senate.

All that being said, be sure to look to the future with the National Society of Black Engineers/Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Career Fair, next week! This is a huge opportunity for all RPI students, and you would be wise to prepare your resume, attire, and pitch as soon as possible. If you would like assistance in this, look to campus resources, like the Center for Career & Professional Development, or student organizations that are offering tips and tricks to landing that job or internship.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns at