Incident blotter: Cleaner trips fire alarm, suspicious two-liter at ECAV

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrance Burns

Tuesday, May 6

• Parking

Car damage: Caller reported vehicle hit and damaged by RPI softball. Car was parked near Robison Field next to the Robison Pool.

Thursday, May 8

• Quadrangle Complex

Medical: RPI Ambulance dispatched to Quad for subject. Subject drank too much, had side pain, and was vomiting. Patient was located in the area of the archway. Patient transported to Samaritan Hospital by RPIA.

• 14th Street

Intoxication: RPI student was sitting on the grass, highly intoxicated, and vomiting. Student was conscious but not responding to questions. Troy FD transported student to Samaritan Hospital.

• East Campus Athletic Village

Fire alarm: Panel indicated a general fire alarm in ECAV main arena area. Cause was accidental tripping of the alarm by a cleaner working in the area of the rafters. System reset per TFD.

• Crockett Hall

Intoxication: Highly intoxicated subject not responsive. Unknown source of alcohol. DOSO was notified by the RD of Crockett. Subject was transported to Samaritan by TFD.

Friday, May 9

• West Hall

Lost and found: Caller reported losing wallet at West Hall on May 2.

• Crockett Hall

Robbery: Caller reported three black males mugged her and another female. Robbers displayed small black handgun. Neither of the victims were injured. Robbers were last seen headed up Burdett Avenue towards Troy High. TPD responded. DPS notified and responded. DOSO notified.

Monday, May 12

• Amos Eaton

Illness: E&SS supervisor reported that one of her workers noticed a student lying on the floor, requesting an ambulance on the second floor of Amos Eaton. Student was transported to Samaritan by RPIA. DPS contacted DOSO and advised of the incident.

• Greene Building

Injury: Caller reported having fallen on Sage Avenue, while walking back from the credit union. Caller did not request medical attention, but was uncertain as to whether the incident needed to be reported to DPS. Officer reported caller refused medical attention, and that a coworker will transport caller to Samaritan at a later time.

• Public Safety Office

Injury: Caller stated that nose was bleeding and wanted medical attention. Subject transported to Samaritan by RPIA. On-call dean notified.

• Sunset Terrace

Medical illness: Subject fainted after applying topical medication into eye that was not prescribed to subject. Subject was transported to Samaritan by RPIA. On-call dean notified.
Wednesday, May 14

• Sherry Road

Investigation: Reporter stated that approximately 7:30–8 pm, a subject came into the residence they are renting and started questioning them as to why they were there. The caller was concerned the subject may come back again.

• East Campus Athletic Village

Suspicious package: Caller reported what appeared to be a suspicious 2 liter soda bottle in the D-Lot at ECAV. Caller was an employee of Environmental Services and waited for officers. Troy FD Battalion Chief requested TPD to assess situation. Object assessed by NYSP and determined not to be a threat.

Thursday, May 15

• Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies
Chemical spill: Caller reported a student caused a chemical spill in the south wing near freight elevator. No injuries reported. EHS notified, Clean Harbors on the scene. Fire report completed.

• E-Complex

Fire alarm: Fire alarm activated. Student contacted Public Safety and stated they were cooking and burned the pan. Alarm reset.

Friday, May 16

• Rensselaer Union

Criminal mischief: Caller reported suspect out of control breaking glass and doing damage at Father’s. Caller reported that suspect went up to the second floor and caused damage. Officers out with suspect on south side of the Union on the exterior. Sergeant requested TPD respond. Sergeant requested Physical Plant notified for broken glass. DPS and dean on-call notified. Arrest made, subject charged with harassment and criminal mischief.

Thursday, May 29

• Other on-campus locations

Investigation: Caller received a phone call from a family member of a student. Family member informed the lieutenant that student is uncomfortable around a certain male cohort who had been very forward toward student. Report filed. Investigation to continue.

Monday, June 9

• Rensselaer Union

Fire: Caller stated that there was a fire in the trash can in the second floor men’s bathroom of the Student Union. Fire was put out with a nearby fire extinguisher by officer. Fire alarm was not activated. DPS and TPD reports filed with classification of “suspicious fire”. DPS fire report completed. Troy Police investigative report filed. DPS On Call notified.

Wednesday, June 11

• 8th Street

Larceny: Caller reported a forced entry and copper pipes stolen from the church. TPD had an evidence technician on scene and evidence was secured.
Sunday, June 15

• Rensselaer Union

Fire alarm: Fire alarm accidently activated by E&SS worker. Reset per TFD.

Tuesday, June 17

• Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Larceny: Caller stated laptop was stolen from caller’s office. Report filed.
Friday, June 20

• Darrin Communications Center

Suspicious package: Caller reported two packages left on a table. One of them was marked as a pesticide and the other stated toxin and had a cancer warning on it. Caller was advised not to touch them. Message left for E&HS. The area has been roped off. The person responsible for the incident is on scene, information was taken and they spoke with E&HS. Graduate student took care of the packages. There were no dangers.

Tuesday, July 1

• Off-Campus Location

Larceny: Conducted vacant house check at 708 Jacob Street, and found a door forced open. Rensselaer County notified for TPD to respond. DPS made a check of the three floors and basement during interim, no one found within but copper pipe had been torn out on all levels. Troy Police ET collected evidence. Physical Plant paged to have the west side door secured.