PU pushes campus activities

Hi, RPI! Whether you are still on campus just hanging out, busy with summer classes, research, an internship, or a job, I hope that your first month has been enjoyable but productive.I hope that you have made time for yourself to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you are looking for things to do, the Rensselaer Union is holding many exciting events this summer, including movie nights put on by UPAC, the cheesecake festival/beach party, a bowling party at Uncle Sam’s, and other fun activities! Feel free to stop by the Rensselaer Union Administration Office for more details on programs or with program ideas for the future.

If you are an incoming freshman, here for Student Orientation, I just want to say “Congratulations, and welcome to Rensselaer!” You are about to begin a stage in your life unlike any other, where you will learn, along with your peers, who you are and what you want to do.You will come to RPI with questions and seeking knowledge. You will leave RPI as a professional, ready to enter the work force as the next generation of leaders. At Rensselaer, you will discover professors dedicated to the education of their students and professional staff committed to making your student experience everything you want it to be. They allow you the stability through which students are able to explore passions and become active members of campus and the surrounding community while learning all they need to lead successful lives after college in their chosen career. Together with your classmates you will develop into the leaders of tomorrow, capable of changing the world.

During your college experience, your primary focus will be on attaining your degree, but your experiences outside of the classroom will shape you just as much, if not more. Here at Rensselaer, you will find an incredible number of extracurricular activities to get involved in. These activities range from varsity athletics and intramural sports to performing arts and cultural organizations. A majority of these activities are supported and recognized by the Rensselaer Union, the center of student run activities on campus. Our Union is unique in that it is completely run by the students, for the students—from organizing events to budgeting each individual club. The Union operates with an over 8 million dollar budget overseen by the Union Executive Board, a group of students dedicated to allocating this money and the Union’s resources to best benefit the student body. With over 230 student organizations inside the Union walls lead and organized by your peers, you will have endless opportunities to try something new and explore your passions outside of the classroom.

During your first week of classes, the Union will be hosting an activities fair in the Armory, this will be the best opportunity to see all the different clubs and organizations present here on campus. Take this chance to try something new or continue your passions from high school! I hope that you enjoy Student Orientation and take this chance to meet as many of your new classmates as possible. Enjoy the rest of your summer! If you have any questions about the Rensselaer Union, the Executive Board, student activities, or just RPI in general don’t hesitate to ask me. My email is, I look forward to meeting you!