PSS: measle-y case of measles

ON SATURDAY, POSTERS APPEARED saying there was an unconfirmed case of measles on campus. The posters recommended that everyone not vaccinated against measles should leave campus “at this time.” Later that day, an email from RPI Alert was also sent out, stating, “We have confirmed a case of measles in one of our students. The student is currently under medical care and appears to be stable.” Since then, the posters have been replaced with ones stating that the case of measles had been confirmed. Faculty and staff born later than 1957 “should have received at least two live attenuated measles vaccines to be considered immune.” Before 1957, the wild measles virus was existent. As of Tuesday, signs were still posted around campus regarding the confirmed case of measles. Again, all but a very small minority have been vaccinated and do not need to worry about contracting the disease.