Editor’s Corner

Poly seeks new funding

New fundraising to bring only the best newspapers

The Polytechnic recently applied for and was accepted into the weR Gold program. Our goal to raise $4,000 for promotional supplies and technology upgrades, will be featured on weR Gold’s website no later than a week after Spring Break. The feature will include a promo video explaining our goal, the script of which is below. I believe it’s a clear and concise profile of the paper and what we wish to accomplish with gifts we receive. Here it is:

You know, The Polytechnic has been around since 1885. This makes us one of, if not, the oldest organizations on the Rensselaer campus. We publish 6,000 copies every week, and we rely solely on advertisements to fund our printing. We are one of the few self-funded, fully-student-run newspapers in the country. And all of this is done by a small, but hardworking staff.

But it’s the 21st century. Newspapers are dying. People are switching to online formats and we’re not immune to this. But we feel that there is a need for a physical paper printed here at RPI. It provides something that clubs can be featured in and distribute to their members, something that sports teams can hang up when they win a big game, and something that reports fair and balanced news but allows opinions to be openly shared and discussed.

Due to newspapers’ worldwide declines, businesses have fell out of print advertising. The Poly struggled for the past few years just to break even.

So we are changing our approaches. These tactics have proved successful so far, but like many thing, they require money to make money. With our partnership with weR Gold, that is where you come in.

The Polytechnic is looking for materials we can give to advertisers so they are more likely to purchase ads. We’re also looking for supplies to help strengthen our business department, and for new equipment to help streamline production.

The brochures, business cards, and promotional products will further stengthen the professional atmosphere of our paper. The document scanner will help us keep better track of things like invoices and bills. And a new color printer will allow us to produce color graphics for on-campus use and produce higher quality proofs during production.

129 years ago, we were founded. Recently, the growth of technology has pushed us away, but we intend to use the same technology to come back better than ever. The effects of your gift will be immediately noticeable and beneficial to our paper: our ads team will be able to sell, our editors will be more efficient, and for many years to come, we’ll be able to say, “Serving the RPI community since 1885.”