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Carletta talks Hockey Line

Rule changes for annual ticket-buying event announced

Hello, RPI, I hope all of you had a great first week of class. This week I wanted to talk primarily about the growing line that is forming outside of the Rensselaer Union. That is the 2013 Hockey Line, one of my favorite traditions on campus. As many of you know, college hockey games are must-watch events, and it has been this way for a very long time. The tradition originated with the design of the Houston Field House. Originally, there were large support columns throughout the building that held up its roof. Groups of students would camp outside the Union for months to get tickets in order to ensure unobstructed seats. In the 70s and 80s the line formed in late July before the fall classes even began. The Psi Upsilon fraternity even bested the previous record of 33 days in line with 178 consecutive days in line when they camped out the day after the Engineer’s 1985 national championship.

When the Field House was renovated, most of the obstructions were removed. Since then Hockey Line hasn’t been necessary to ensure securing great seats. Now it is primarily used for avid RPI hockey fans, friends, or organizations looking to obtain larger quantities of seats together. This year, groups have already started forming in order to get their first pick of the seats in the Field House. Currently there are seven groups registered.

As the Grand Marshal, I write the rules for the Hockey Line, which can be found in the administration office of the Union on the third Floor. The newest rule in the Hockey Line Participant Guide for 2013–2014 states that:

“Starting Tuesday, September 3 all groups must have at least one person present in the Hockey Line from 8 am – 9 pm. The Grand Marshal or his/her designee will check each group throughout the week to see if they have someone representing them. If a group does not, then they will move back one spot in the Hockey Line. All groups must stay in line for a consecutive 24-hours starting 8 pm on September 9 and finishing 8 pm on September 10 when tickets go on sale.”

I decided to implement this rule to bring back some of the old tradition that used to exist with waiting in line. I have waited in the Hockey Line for the past three years now, and it has always been a really great time. Whether you have four or 34 people in a group it is still an enjoyable experience to partake in the Hockey Line festivities the day tickets go on sale. There is a BBQ at the Union provided by Red Army at 5 pm and a free skate at the Field House at 8 pm, both of which are open to the entire student body. While the Hockey Line is a lot of fun, if you do not want to be in it to buy season tickets, you don’t have to. A single student or group can simply come to the Houston Field House September 10 at 8 pm to buy season tickets after the Hockey Line groups have. If you have any questions about Hockey Line please e-mail me at