PU discusses Union Fall Activities Fair

Sileo invites students to learn about clubs

Hello, everyone, and happy Wednesday! I hope that everyone enjoyed his or her long weekend, and that the first week of classes hasn’t scared too many people away just yet! Thank you to everyone who came to our activities fair last Thursday night in the Armory. As usual, the activities fair was crowded with students from every class year. Even more than usual our organizations saw a steady stream of interest in their events and activities, which is exciting for all of us. Now that you have seen what is available, get involved! While you may have put your name on more than a few club e-mail lists, it’s still a great idea to attend the first few meetings of those clubs that caught your eye to determine which ones interest you the most. Most of my memories from college are about the activities in which I participated outside of the classroom, and it’s never too late to find your passion.

Now that students are back in the swing of college life, the Rensselaer Union Executive Board will begin holding regular meetings again. This semester, meetings will be held on Tuesdays from 8–10 pm in Shelnutt Gallery. This year, we have quite a few items on our plate, so we will be hitting the ground running with a full agenda on Tuesday evening. The Executive Board attended training in the first week of school, and I have the utmost confidence in the Board’s ability to serve the student body well this year.

As we start a new semester, I would like to again extend my offer of free advertisement to all Union organizations on campus. I am more than happy to advertise upcoming events for our clubs and organizations in my article every week. I enjoy seeing more people participating in the wonderful organizations and opportunities we have here, so just let me know!

If you are new to RPI and are interested in a great leadership and growth opportunity, please consider applying to be on the Executive Board. It is a group composed entirely of students that is responsible for managing all Union finances. This means we work with an $8.4 million operating budget! The E-Board interacts with the clubs, programs, and services that operate under the Union. Students on the Board are assigned to a number of clubs and will be responsible for working with those clubs to develop budgets, work through proposals, and gain an understanding of how the Union as a whole serves students. During Executive Board budgeting, each student representative serves as a liaison between clubs and the rest of the Board, answering questions related to each budget. Ultimately, the goal of the Union Executive Board is to produce a budget that accurately reflects current club operations and activities and that maximizes the student experience funded by the Student Activity Fee.

I am looking to select two new members from the Class of 2017 very soon, so if you are interested in the Executive Board make sure to turn in your application by September 6 at 11:59 pm. I’m looking forward to interviewing and selecting my new representatives! As always if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please contact me by e-mailing, or stop by my office. My official office hours are from 6 – 8 pm on Tuesdays, but I can almost always be found in my office, regardless of the day or time. Enjoy the shortened week!