Incident blotter: Ankle injury from flag football, odor of gas in Sage Dining Hall

Information provided by Public Safety Investigator Terrence Burns

Tuesday, August 27

• Department of Public Safety

Domestic Problem: Caller requested interview with DPS supervisor pertaining to a family issue. Caller wanted order of protection issued against one of caller’s parents through Rensselaer County 911. Informational report completed. Caller was advised to keep in touch if any incidents occur on campus.


Wednesday, August 28

• Polytech Apartments
Fire Alarm: Panel indicated fire alarm. Cooking smoke was cause for alarm. Reset by TFD.

• Department of Public Safety
Larceny: Caller reported wallet and RPI ID were stolen. Report completed.

• Academy Hall
Injury: Subject stated that, while walking up stone staircase at subject’s RPI-owned residence, a portion of cement binding stones gave way, which caused subject to fall. Subject sustained laceration to right toe and bump on left shin. Subject transported to Samaritan by acquaintance. Medical report filed.


Friday, August 30

• BARH Dining Hall
Medical: Caller stated that friend had stomach pains for about half an hour. Subject was conscious, alert, and breathing. RPIA dispatched. Subject transported to Samaritan via RPIA.


Saturday, August 31

• Department of Public Safety
Injury: Student injured ankle and went to Student Health Center a week previously, but ankle was not getting better. It recommended going to emergency room for X-ray. Rensselaer County 911 was called and dispatched an ambulance. Student transported to Samaritan via RPIA.


Sunday, September 1

• Bryckwyck Apartments
Medical: Caller complained of stomach pain for two hours. Patient was conscious, alert, and breathing. EMS was dispatched. Patient transported to Samaritan.


Monday, September 2

• Bray Hall
Intoxication: Caller stated that subject was lying on shower floor of bathroom and refused to get up. Subject had vomited and was experiencing motion sickness. Reason for illness was intoxication. Subject transported to Samaritan via RPIA.

• Polytech Apartments
Intoxication: Group of students was found huddled around subject, who was on the ground of parking lot. Subject was a student and intoxicated. Subject requested transport to hospital. Subject transported to Samaritan by TFD.

• Barton Hall
Injury: Caller stated that subject wanted medical attention after hurting ankle while playing flag football. Subject transported to Samaritan via RPIA. On-call dean notified.


Tuesday, September 3

• Sage Dining Hall
Fire Alarm: Smoke detector was activated on second floor. Rensselaer County 911 was contacted. DPS was unable to acknowledge alarm in Johnson Control computer. Alarm reset but remained in trouble. Fire Life Safety notified of troubled condition and problem with Johnson Control computer. Alarm finally cleared and FLS response was canceled. Day shift notification was made.

• Sage Dining Hall
Mysterious Odor: Employee called, having smelled gas in building. Officers evacuated building. Officer reported EMS was necessary for two people who reported they were light-headed. Building was closed until cleared by National Grid. Two medicals were not transported to hospital, but reports were filed. National Grid was on scene. Cause of odor was malfunction of three pilot lights that were found out on second floor of dining hall.