Rensselaer Black & LatinX Student Coalition for Bennett, Mahmoud

By Rensselaer Black & LatinX Student Coalition March 22, 2021

To the Rensselaer Community,

The Rensselaer Black & LatinX Student Coalition values the role of Student Government and the power it has to directly impact the student experience here at Rensselaer. We are pleased to endorse the following candidates for Grand Marshal and President of the Union who attended our GM Week Q&A Forum on Friday, March 19. After hearing their respective platforms, we are confident that they will advocate for the Black and LatinX student communities for the duration of their term.

Grand Marshal: Cait Bennett

With experience as the Chairperson of the Facilities and Services Committee and an Independent Senator, Bennett has developed strong leadership skills and forged many administrative connections that will help her succeed as Grand Marshal. Her platform more closely aligns with the mission of the RBLX and our efforts to advance diversity and inclusion to improve the underrepresented minority student experience at Rensselaer. One initiative in particular that we support is the introduction of a joint Multicultural Leadership Council. The MLC is currently an Executive Board committee that deals with programming and support for identity-based clubs. Becoming a joint standing committee with the Student Senate will grant the MLC authority to create and advocate for policies directly impacting the underrepresented minority student community. Given her proven track record in advocacy for issues facing our community and her commitment to making long lasting impactful changes, we are pleased to offer Cait our endorsement.

President of the Union: Yaseen Mahmoud

After serving on the Executive Board for three years and previously serving as Vice President for Board Operations, Yaseen is experienced in ways that will ensure the proper functioning of the Union. The RBLX is confident that he will advocate for underrepresented minority student issues by continuing to evaluate the fairness of E-Board policies and ensuring that the MLC can continue to advocate for clubs effectively. We look forward to continuing our discussions about the MLC and how the E-Board can help further the interest of RBLX in the upcoming school year.


The Rensselaer Black and LatinX Student Coalition