Getting involved and staying connected

By Anissa Choiniere September 9, 2020

Hello, Rensselaer!

As we all get settled back into the swing of daily life at RPI, I hope that you all had the chance to get back into your clubs and organizations. With the persistent intensity of the Rensselaer curriculum, Union clubs and activities provide an essential outlet for our community. With the semi-virtual nature of this semester, student activities play an even more important role in bringing students together, regardless of whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate, first-year, or transfer student.

This past weekend, the Union Executive Board hosted a virtual Open House via Webex to introduce the student-led organizations of RPI. If you were not able to make it, it is not too late to get involved! A directory of all active clubs and organizations is available at In the directory, you will be able to access all active club names, descriptions, websites, and contact information. 

The Union also recently created a YouTube Channel called Rensselaer Student Union at RPI. On the channel, you will find several club-submitted videos that give a deeper look into student activities at RPI. 

It is truly never too late to get involved in something new. The Union oversees over 200 clubs and organizations so there are a lot of activities to choose from. These clubs have a variety of focuses including athletics, hobbies, special interests, academics, and service/philanthropy. At a technical school where homework is no joke, it is understandable to be wary of club time commitments. However, Union clubs and organizations have varying levels of membership involvement so there is sure to be something for everyone’s interest level! Many of our clubs gain invaluable experiences working on challenges and competitions that members can bring with them into internships and co-ops. All clubs are available to any student, so keep an open mind regardless of your status as an undergraduate or graduate student. 

Although Union clubs have a wide reach, it is possible you might not find quite what you are looking for. Whether you would like to start a branch of a national organization you were a part of in high school or you would like to see if other students have the same unique interest as you, there is a simple process to go through to create your own Union recognized or affiliated organizations. 

This New Club Process is overseen by the Club Operations Committee ( of the Union Executive Board branch of Student Government. Once you have a group of interested individuals, create a constitution, fill out a quick form, and hold three meetings, you are eligible for approval from the Club Operations Committee, and then the Union Executive Board. Starting a new club is a great way to share your hobby or interest with the RPI community!

The Union offers so many opportunities to improve student life, and the clubs and organizations are at the heart of these opportunities. Whether or not you are committed to joining a new club, it’s a great way to learn more about your fellow students at RPI, and make new friends along the way!